Sunday, 2 May 2021

Cause and effect


Out of nowhere, the snow-blizzard hit. It whipped my wrap-around skirt into a frenzy, then whisked it away. Up, up it billowed skywards, baring my fishnet-clad legs to the raging elements... I screamed curses towards the leaden clouds... 

But the winds retaliated, blinded me with my own hair, which snaked across my face, stinging, like the locks of Medusa.

Why did I storm out of that party just because I saw them kissing?

Unusual, for me, to have a flight of fancy that doesn't land on the page as a poem. But thanks to the Sunday Muse for galvanising me into action!

Monday, 26 April 2021

Game for a Laugh?

 I guess any Bloglanders who happen to read this post, may identify with at least part of it - i.e. us Oldies do tend to harp back to the past, occasionally - if not a lot.

Today, while searching for something I know is tucked away on some blog page of mine, I happened to go here, and ended up laughing like a loon. It's not normally a good sign if one laughs at one's own jokes.  But I put it to you, that in view of the time lag between 2009 and 2021, it's almost as though I'm laughing at somebody else. Who is/was this odd person willing to share proof of idiocy with all and sundry?

And a not-only-but-also here.  And if neither of these links let you have a good giggle, then Jinksy's lost the plot...

Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Like the White Rabbit, I'm late, I'm late!

 But on discovering this photo on Sunday Musing's blog. I had an urge to let the words flow, so read on below:-

Poppy fields and paper planes? They shoot thoughts back to a war, when planes were metal and poppy fields ran with blood.

But now, any mention of poppies catapult thoughts spinning to the drug barons, who have succeeded in making red poppies more deadly than silver bullets, and our whole world a battlefield...

Four more lines and a title!

 OK, there may be a few days gap in real life, but in BlogTime, this is in direct response to my long-time Blogpal RWP's suggestion for making my last post's offering into a 'proper' Petrarchan sonnet.

Ever one to rise to a challenge, I've attempted to comply with the rules, and here goes, title and all!

April’s Plea

Without a sunbeam's brush to gild her frame,
brave April's countenance betrays her plight.
She calls her hero, 'Helios!' in vain.
Then, crestfallen, she cowers out of sight...

Capricious forces conjure sun and rain 
into eternal conflict. Dark lords and bright
wage their wars, as moon-tides wax and wane
throughout the universe's star-drenched night,

until, by morning, rotund Earth's revolved
in deference to laws decreed long since.
Then sun-flamed beams put shadow-clouds to flight,

their unshed tears like morning mists dissolved,
as Helios, our hero, on his plinth 
stands proud, the great defender of the light.

Friday, 2 April 2021

And the year rolls on -

 From December to April, this blog and I have remained silent, whilst all around the pandemic has raged , regardless.

Perhaps it was the sunshine that prompted me to post today. Who knows? But rather than creating something new, I'm copying a few lines I originally wrote on Alias Jinksy, but they are missing a title. Perhaps any Napple Notes reader who may wander by, could supply one for me? But I shan't be holding my breath, for wanderers may be scarce, hehehe...

 Capricious forces conjure sun and rain 
into eternal conflict. Dark lords and bright
wage their wars, as moon-tides wax and wane
throughout the universe's star-drenched night,
until, by morning, rotund Earth's revolved
in deference to laws decreed long since.
Then sun-flamed beams put shadow-clouds to flight,
their unshed tears like morning mists dissolved,
as Helios, our hero, on his plinth 
stands proud, the great defender of the light.

Saturday, 26 December 2020


 On this dull, chilly Boxing Day, one little word catapulted several interpretations into my mind,  perhaps the noblest of which being 'strings of the heart'. 

For these are invisible bindings, the strength of which cannot be measured. Like a shimmering web of spider's silk, they weave their complex threads in and around us all, as life plucks its melodies from them.  Sometimes these are lyrical, uplifting, a song of joy. But discords are always possible - perhaps necessary - to help us appreciate life's orchestrations to the full.

On a different level, down to the brass band 'oompah' music, perhaps (sorry to brass band enthusiasts - no slur intended) come the strings of lights on Christmas trees, the strings of paper chains or garlands looping their way around our homes, or even the strings of onions  - does anyone still make those? - designed to hang close to the cook's chopping board in the kitchen...

And as we are on the downhill slope of this less than festive, Festive Season, then it's a fair to middling guess that there will have been any number of necks adorned with strings of pearls or beads (glass, clay, popcorn or even papier mâché)  either given as gifts (cheap ones), or exhumed (expensive ones) from a jewellery box for a once-a-year-airing.

Last but not least, I hope I haven't been stringing anyone along into a forlorn hope that the lofty start to this post would not descend to the depths, by mentioning strings which tied the legs together of any turkey, goose, duck or chicken carcass as it headed towards its final demise in an oven. 

Let's hear it for the Vegetarians or Vegans! 

Thinks:- Why does that last word hold echoes of Star Trek for me?


Monday, 16 November 2020

Spreading the word, perhaps?

 And which word would that be, I wonder, among the ever decreasing number of bloggers who post something each day? Let me whisper it in your ear - security!

The prefix http:// instead of https:// before your blog name, indicates the blog is 'not secure'. A simple adjustment within one's blog settings, will rectify this security issue with a single click.

  No time to delay - do it today!

Thursday, 3 September 2020

Golly Gosh!

Once again, Blogger plus Google have thrown a spanner in the works! Will it spell the end of us ancient Bloggers, as we are forced to keep up with the times? Hehehe - and what times they have been for us so far in 2020.

There is one consoling thought, though. Wandering the paths of Blogland to greet Old Blog Pals  by giving them a virtual hug or handshake, will not involve anybody in yet another Hand Wash or Sanitiser routine! Be grateful for these small mercies, and good luck with the new Blogger enforced re-vamp. Long may our brains remain un-addled enough to cope! ♥♥♥


Tuesday, 21 April 2020

It's a Bug's Life?

By bug, I mean virus, of course. Thanks to its potency, it has encircled the world more quickly than  any other illness in recorded history.

But amidst the increasingly dire news bulletins which besiege our ears multiple times a day, a new sense of community has began to emerge. It may be the one and only good thing to come out of this whole debacle...

Sunday, 5 April 2020

And now...

A bit of silliness goes a long way.
This is a piece of popcorn that I couldn't bring myself to eat! Can you understand why?! Hehehe....

Saturday, 4 April 2020

Another sunny day -

But fraught with IT hiccups. Goodness gracious me- where have we seen that happen with Blogland before?!
It seems I am unable to leave a comment on Napple Notes today, even though I am the original Napple. Whatever next? I suppose I must remain grateful that my self photo can again be left on any other blog on which I leave a comment. Two steps forward, one step back, eh?
Maybe I'll contemplate my navel for a while, and try again later...
TTFN, folks. ♥

Friday, 3 April 2020

Topsy Turvey World

Outside of these four walls, the sunlight is dancing around through the branches of my buddleia, highlighting some leaves in vivid lime green, while others remain in shadow-shaded tones of  a 'green with no name' - or at least, not one I can dredge up from my memory.
Small details such as these, must grow in importance over the next days, weeks, months, as I obey  the 'self isolating' command which has been issued to the seventy-plus Oldies such as myself.  My head fails to acknowledge the seventy nine year time line of my life, although my body has other ideas!
However, I consider myself fortunate that my brain continues to live in it own realm of 'Now' and 'Then', both intermingled in a tapestry which has no 'Time Frontier' of border guards to keep them apart.
In a world where boarders are becoming ever more critical, news items focus often on scenes of  people attempting to 'get back home' - wherever that may be.
As Covid-19 decimates populations around the globe, it is the one common aim which overrides all others.
The media dwells on stories of grounded aeroplanes  and cruise ships banned from docking; we see anxious families awaiting return of their loved ones...
But yesterday, TV showed trains in India overloaded, inside and out, with people who no longer had jobs, all desperately trying to get back to the villages where poverty forced them to seek city life in the first place.
No matter how many people strive to make the world a better place, there are still the 'Have's' and the 'Have not's' . The border between them is the hardest of all to cross...

Saturday, 14 September 2019

Time Wasters

There are many kinds of people who might deserve this title, but this morning, I have one specific type in mind - the ones who persist in leaving indecipherable comments on older blog posts, in the hope that they will serve as 'undercover adverts.' At least, that's what they seem like to me.
As my settings have always allowed nefarious comments to appear immediately in my  email 'Inbox'  (from whence I take great delight in hastening to remove said comments from  whichever of my blogs has been invaded) I'd like to point  out to the intruders they are wasting their time, as well as mine. Harrumph! Here endeth the lesson for today...

Thursday, 15 August 2019

Into The Void?

That's where it feels as though Blogger has sent Jinksy, for that was my bloggy identity right from day one. Penelope always struck me as too straight laced and toffee nosed, as well as a bit long a name to use amongst friends, although it was great for those in authority when they wanted to show their displeasure at something I'd done. Can you not hear them utter the 'PeNELope!' (centre syllable stressed) which was capable of stopping me in my tracks?

I'd like to thank Eddie Blue Lights for leaving a comment on my previous post. As I seem unable to get a normal 'Reply' option under his comment to work, I have resorted to posting one here.
Sorry, Eddie, but the thought of having to invent another Gmail address especially to accommodate the Jinksy signature on comments I try to make, fills me with trepidation. I shall remain in The Void which Blogger seems to have created, and continue scrabbling around for any helpful suggestions from other Bloggers who have been similarly afflicted.

Thanks also go to Smitonius And Sonata for their alerting me to the fact that I'm not alone in my frustration! I felt much better once I read other cries for help in the badly named 'HELP' section, which is proving to be of no help at all as far as I can see...

Monday, 12 August 2019

How to waste time without really trying?

I've managed to do that very successfully, this afternoon, much to my annoyance.
Although my regular Blog posting has faded to almost nil, I still get the occasional dreaded Spam Comment Alert...and two had popped up on a long gone Napple post.  I open the Spam tin ASAP, in such circumstances- if you get my drift- and can report the dubious words have been well and truly deleted.

But this sent me on a long and winding trail, attempting to discover why Google still refuses to publish my Jinksy name when I try to leave a comment - even on my own blog! After the best part of an hour and a half of trying every which way I could think of to get the Jinksy name to stick, I've resorted to writing a grumbly blogpost to no one in particular, just to register my displeasure.

Bother, blow and blooming heck, as a good friend of mine used to say.

Friday, 10 May 2019

A kind of time-warp?

After many moons, the sunshine and blue sky has beguiled me into a trip around my long deserted Blog. I see the space in the time-line between the previous post and this one, is like a great black hole.
Frustration hovers, as Blogger insists I sign in via my Google account. I'm not the greatest fan of Gmail in any of its many incarnations. I do have a Gmail address, but prefer to use my original BT one. Maybe that is where my problems arise? Blogger knows me as Jinksy, but Google can't get its head around the fact that is not a name derived from my BT account...
Hey ho. I shall simply rejoice in the fact that my fingers enjoy dancing over the keys, as I see the words translate to the blank page of a new post, which I'm ashamed to say, is the first of 2019.
Who knows when the next one will arrive? Hehehe - certainly not me, for I follow my nose, and that has no idea of time!

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Thinking Thoughts

'In My Mind's Eye' is the title of the latest book by Jan Morris. I had pre-ordered it way in advance of a promised September delivery date, which I then promptly forgot.
So I was pleasantly surprised to find it ready to download to my PC's Kindle this morning, and I couldn't wait to start reading it. Literally... Now at almost two o'clock and fifty percent through said book, I've been stopped in my tracks. Here's why -

As I read the entry headed 'Day 87', I laughed out loud and long, and knew I had to share it with Napple Notes, immediately.

"That's odd. I don't seem to have thought anything today.
It does happen."

Surely all Bloggers and/or Aspiring Writers know how that feels?!
(Still chuckling, I head off to put together a very late lunch...

Friday, 22 June 2018

Not quite a thought for the day...

...But a bit of fun on a sunny afternoon.
Three local taxi firms have merged into one, recently, and  now use some kind of automatic ordering system. It may be more efficient for them, but not necessarily as seen from the 'customer service' side...hence the following ditty.


These days when I order a taxi.
there's an automated voice
that gives me several options -
some of which get offered twice...

It registers which phone is calling,
then asks 'Do you want a cab now?'
But should I be booking one well in advance,
the silly thing doesn't know how.

Another push button is needed
to request human contact, you see,
then eventually somebody picks up my call -
once they've finished drinking their tea...

N.B. I've now linked this to Poetry Pantry Go there to read a plethora of poets work.

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Solstice with Toads

Not the hopping kind, but the ones who inhabit the Imaginary Garden ! With thanks to them for their prompt. :-)

Fact Or Fiction?

Summer solstice day…
what better time to share in
modern magic; sound
and vision from an unnatural source,
which seems to defy the laws of nature?

The bright hologram
must overcome reasoning
offered by the brain,
when song and dance achieve life
born from imagination.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Anyone for tennis?

With the matches at Queen's Club heralding the approach of Wimbledon again, tennis is in the spotlight, and set me contemplating another post on the subject.:-)

do some
high scoring
tennis players,
serving aces in all the right places,
appear boring enough to make snoring
a secret sport
for those who
shun such
stands, fans watch
scheduled matches
while  television cameras capture
the audience - unconscious candid shots -
human sardines
packed in rows,
no tins

By chance, I've just discovered that Poets United had the word 'human' as their stepping stone for a poem, which I happen to have included in the one I wrote this afternoon! Happenstance, or what?

Monday, 18 June 2018

Counting Syllables

1, 2, 3 ,4, 10 Tetractys – and variations.

I knew
how to write
a short, witty
poem, using as few words as I could.
Now I am often tempted to write more,
in an effort
to explain
some odd
which comes
but must be caught
before it fades into oblivion.

It struck me that writing to a syllable count, as instructed on Imaginary Garden With Real Toads, is simply another way of using Blank Verse, where lines of ten syllables are de rigueur... The above might be laid out thus:-

Once, I knew how to write a short, witty
poem, using as few words as I could.
Now I am often tempted to write more,
in a effort to explain some odd thought,
one which comes unbidden, but must be caught
before it fades into oblivion.

This does nothing to interrupt the rhythm of the words, but makes a great difference to the layout on the page. I wonder which your eyes find most pleasing?

Alias Jinksy

Yes, that's the name of my other blog, where I posted this morning by way of a variation. It's quite easy to find, if you click on its name square at the side of Napple Notes...
I don't normally use it to witter the way I do here. I tend to post a poetic offering and leave it as that, but not so today. I began familiarising myself with some of the latest gadgetry which has appeared since I last posted regularly, and got over enthusiast! Hehehe.  Perhaps the Blogging Bug has not entirely worked itself out of my system...

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Brain teaser?

I have wasted the better part of an afternoon, thanks to Google's latest hang up about 'improving security'. When it gets to the point where one's own blog is SO secure, it stops the rightful owner in his or her tracks, surely, that way madness lies...
I am indebted to an Olde Bloggy pal for calling up memories from the past, when Blogland was alive and well, as opposed to being locked behind security fences that would baffle MI5 - or do I mean MI6 ?
In desperation, I am opting to attempt a new post, even though it be nought but a last gasp from a frustrated blogger...

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Hoarding, Plus Lateral Thinking?!

What a marvelous combination they make... This morning, I was determined to repair (somehow) the broken plastic fittings on three of my vertical blind's strips. They'd taken a bashing whenever the patio door was opened on a windy day, not to mention when visitors crashed into them when their nearby chair collided, thanks to it's five wheeled base and a less than gentle sitter-downer-person.

I knew I had a some wire left over from the days when I made mobiles, and I even remembered where to look for it...
But after experimenting, the wires turned out to be too hefty for the delicate twiddling I was attempting to perform...

So, back to the Thinking Cap. Instead of 'mobiles', I substituted the idea 'silk flower making'. This delightful craft I  dabbled with for quite some time, and it's left me with multifarious 'come in handy' bits and bobs.

One such was a pack of fifteen inch, delicate wires, which had been too fine for most flower stems, but I realised, a little late, would be perfect for the job I had in mind... and I had only to reach across my desk for them. They were right in front of me, tucked into a bamboo pen-pot currently in use for anything but pens!
In next to no time,  the 'chain-link' plastic loops were scooped up from their recumbent position on the carpet and reinstated to restore the blind to full working order.

When I tell you the price tag on the label of the packet announced 'Streets, 91p', if you happened to live in Havant, you'd realise I'd been hoarding them for at least six years, for Streets Ironmongers had closed its doors for good by 2011.

What? Me? A hoarder? Get along with you... Hahaha

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Eggs, anyone?

Here is KP 'hatching' a few Easter Treats... but as that happened in New Zealand, I don't expect many Bloggers will get a taste of one!

Saturday, 15 April 2017

All's well that ends well...

...that's the kind of day it's been here. At the start, I discovered that several of my posts from way back in 2010, had been targeted by an 'alien invader' who left a multitude of annoying, unreadable comments. Presumably, he was hoping I'd not notice him - but I did, and consigned him to the black hole of Blogger's "Delete-void-button", as he deserved.

But enough of that. Let's get back to Piglet, or rather, another piglet. This one belongs to Dr Ftse, and he likes to show off his culinary skills. So with no further ado, I present MacP helping the good Doctor to make an apple crumble...

I hear the finished dish was well received by all...
But Mac P decided to go for the healthier option of a grape or two, more in keeping with his svelte form.

Monday, 20 March 2017

History in the making...

Dr Ftse and British Piglet (BritPig for short) have been getting aquainted! And thanks to the wizardry of mobile phones, I've managed to catch the moment for posterity. The fact that it took an inordinate amount of time for me to work out how to get the image from my iPhone to this page of Napple Notes, is quite another story...

My recent acquisition of No:1 daughter's old iPhone4, has propelled me into the world of Whatsapp, and is forcing my brain into top gear as I struggle to understand its quirks, whilst appreciating its potential.

With a growing clan of Jinksy relatives in New Zealand, Whatsapp is an ideal link-line. But within the past week or so BritPig had the temerity to ask whether he could join the party which the Jinksy Clans were holding, and he sent them this Picture of Introduction...
As you can see, BritPig has an inquiring mind and a penchant for unusual friends, like this recently hatched dragon's egg youngling. While Dr Ftse is in no way a recently hatched anything, BritPig felt the need to get a better view of his whiskers and was even brave enough to hold out the hand of friendship, once he realised that a Ftse is not as scary as a Heffalump...

Monday, 9 January 2017

New thoughts on old subjects, perhaps....

Yes, I know there has been a gap of monumental proportions, while the World of Jinksy spun on in its accustomed, every decreasing circles, but here I am, pounding the keys again. I've spent the afternoon scribbling away, thanks to something that caught my eye as I watched an episode of an Australian drama - 'A Place To Call Home'...
Sometimes the tiniest thing can spur one into action. Maybe 2017 will be a year when I get spurred more often, who knows?! Anyhow, may all my Blogpals have a good year ahead of them :-) ♥


Flowers in a vase, briefly shown on screen
during some old television drama,
catapult  Gran's image into focus...
She once told me they were her favourites.

I see again her thin, grey hair, drawn back
in a tight knot, pinned with difficulty
by arthritic fingers shaped by hard work,
her left, ring-finger permanently bent.

I experience a tight knot of loss
as present tears blur my vision of then,
while the warm, dusky scent of mimosa
spirals its fragrant ghosts in my nostrils.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

What wiped out the Dinosaurs?

That's a question that has long been asked, with answers being as many and varied as the number of people searching for them. The answers, I mean, not the dinosaurs. They, or their remains, still turn up occasionally to add to our amazement at the window on the past which science and technology open wide.
But I've discovered an equally tantalizing question with no immediate answer. What happened two or three years ago in Blogland? Did a flaring sun spot contribute to the mass black out of Blogger's computer networks? Did a host of typing fingers get RSI in one fell swoop, enough to make their owners quit posting? Or did the ever expanding Twitter and Facebook consume Bloggers whole, swallowing them up in shoals like basking sharks swallowing plankton?

Alas, alack!
Oh, please come back
my former Bloggy friends.
Re-crank your brains and start again -
"Keep blogging to the end!"

I urge you troopers one and all.
Don't let your Muses stifle.
Set to at once, create a post,
though it be but a trifle,
and keep alive creative flames
as through ideas you rifle!!!

And just to add a bit of colour, here's a fancy crochet corner on one of the cushions which kept my fingers away from my keyboard for months.
Thanks go to Dedri Uys for the inspiration which consumed my every waking hour until I'd followed her Sophie's Garden to the centre of her Universe!
Click the links, if you have no idea what I'm talking about. :-)

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Ties that bind?

If you listen carefully to the words in the following ditty you can find the clue as to why I chose such a title for this long overdue post, which will inevitably be a true, napple-rambling note...

I have no idea when early cave men's descendants decided shirts and ties would be worn in favour of pelts, furs or plain old bare skin (!), but somewhere along the way, decide it they did. And ties, plain or bow, have caused many a wrinkled brow ever since.
I once had to give a fifteen minute lecture to a class of fellow teachers, on the intricacies of tying both kinds. Maybe that accounts for the secret wish I've harboured ever since... to grab the tie of an unsuspecting male, and slice it in two with a snip from some sharp shears. Not quite on a par with Tome Lehrer's cruel cut, as no bloodstains would result, but equally final.
I have yet to realise this ambition, so beware...

But on a more serious note, during my long absence from blog world, I have created a few ties, amongst them this colourful version for a birthday gift - hence the candle!
I tried both crochet and knitting, but I think the knitted one shown here worked best, although the boredom quotient is equally high for either method, due to the long length and narrow width. I think a mesmerised state ensues after the first twelve inches or so...

However, the third and anything but serious reference comes in honour of the great Victoria Wood whose recent death has left the world saddened, even while laughter continues in the wake of such a genius. If you've never heard her rendition of "The Ballad Of Barry And Freda", I urge you to seek it out.

Freda and Barry sat one night.
The sky was clear the stars were bright.
The wind was soft. The moon was up.
Freda drained her cocoa cup

She licked her lips. She felt sublime.
She switched off Gardener's Question Time.
Barry cringed in fear and dread
as Freda grabbed his tie and said:

To whet your appetite, these are the first two stanzas, with their reference in the last line which brings my subject full circle. :-)