Sunday, 1 July 2012

Saturday Special On Sunday

Okay, I will hold my hand up from the very first. This is not even remotely connected to the Tennis Theme on yesterday's Sepia Saturday, nor is it even vaguely historical, as it was taken this year.

But the fortuitous picture one of my nieces took of her Ma and Pa, AKA my brother and sister-in-law, lent itself so beautifully to the delights of graphic manipulation, that I couldn't resist posting this version today - simply because it pleased me mightily, when a click of my mouse brought it to light.

Well, if I'm honest, it was several clicks of the mouse, as I first turned it onto a colourful, psychedelic rendition, once it hit my Photoshop.   Beyond that point I plumped for a more restrained, tonal result, but then decided the stark black and white was too harsh, and thus was born the sepia image you see before you.

I've tried to email it to both the photographer and her subjects, but think that gremlins may have prevented them receiving it. Now I hope, they may eventually see it here!