Friday 10 May 2019

A kind of time-warp?

After many moons, the sunshine and blue sky has beguiled me into a trip around my long deserted Blog. I see the space in the time-line between the previous post and this one, is like a great black hole.
Frustration hovers, as Blogger insists I sign in via my Google account. I'm not the greatest fan of Gmail in any of its many incarnations. I do have a Gmail address, but prefer to use my original BT one. Maybe that is where my problems arise? Blogger knows me as Jinksy, but Google can't get its head around the fact that is not a name derived from my BT account...
Hey ho. I shall simply rejoice in the fact that my fingers enjoy dancing over the keys, as I see the words translate to the blank page of a new post, which I'm ashamed to say, is the first of 2019.
Who knows when the next one will arrive? Hehehe - certainly not me, for I follow my nose, and that has no idea of time!