Friday 31 December 2010

Never Too Late To Learn Something New

Even on the last day of the year, it's possible to accumulate information about another poetic form - This one is apparently called a Shadorma, consisting of six lines with the syllable count of 3/5/3/3/7/5. 
Apologies to the Blogger whose name I've now forgotten, (but remembered again- Hedgewitch) even though I noted the Shadorma name and numbers. Blame it on my advancing years! Hehehe!

Here it goes!
Two Thousand and Ten;
is coming,
eager to push Time into 

another decade.

May 2011 be a great year for all Bloglanders!

Tuesday 28 December 2010

How About This?

A perfect partner for my previous post, wouldn't you agree? I'd forgotten all about it, until I scanned in another couple of my Dad's drawings earlier today, and opened the computer file which already contained this little gem! Like my candle holder, there is no real evidence of a potty in sight, but the mind - or at least, my mind!- made an immediate connection one with the other. Hope it makes you smile, as it did me. So from May 5th 1923 to December 29th 2010, just think how many smiles this drawing may have engendered in its lifetime? Nice thought...

Monday 27 December 2010

Seeing Things In A New LIght Is Good

That's the thought for the day, as the TFE's Poetry Bus driver at Muse Swings asked us to pen a ditty about any strange/unusual/thought provoking gift, given or received, in order to secure a seat on her transport of delight this week.
At first, I thought I would have to be a stay-at-home passenger (!?)  but eventually remembered a pottery creation which certainly came under the 'strange' category. Maybe later today, I'll be inspired to produce a graphic sketch to better explain this strangeness, but for now, I leave you with these lines. Some Bloggers may note with surprise, I have chosen to follow the latest trend for free form poetry which wanders down the page, but have married it to my love of rhyme. Compromise is a wonderful thing.  

The Gift

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...
I was once given a candle holder
which lacked
the knack
to inspire admiration.
A generation
would be hard pressed
to best
this tribe
of childlike forms,
unlike any norm-
al bodies. Their botties
sat on a circle of potties,
or so it appeared.
The modelling was weird.
I may have misconstrued
these rude
blobs of clay -
who can say?
Perhaps each was meant
to represent
a chair ?
To be fair,
the joined hands
of this happy band
of pilgrims formed a ring,
to sing
the praises
of friendship. It amazes
me each time I recall the delight
of a friend who saw this candle light
and expressed a wish
to possess the dish!.
It was my salvation!
I presented it to her on the spot.
Did I regret it? Not one jot!

Sunday 26 December 2010

The 26th

 Only 365 shopping days to Christmas now folks!

Saturday 25 December 2010

Sunday 12 December 2010

My Christmas Card To You

If I've not been able to email you direct, please imagine this Seasonal Greeting is plopping through your Blogland Letterbox! I'm putting one on this shelf (!) for passing strangers to share as well!

Thursday 9 December 2010

It's a Good Time For Finding Things

A few weeks ago, I posted a picture of my Mum and Dad on their wedding day, 1st June 1936, and mentioned that I still had the dress which had been made (from the veil) for my Christening in 1941. Hilary from The Smitten Image, being a lady in love with her camera, asked at once to see a photo of this relic, but as usual, I couldn't find it to order.
But this morning, as if to underline the Discovery Of The Nighties, The Dress fell into my hands as I was looking for a jumper in my chest of drawers. I didn't find the jumper, but one can't have everything. I had to be content with The Dress, which I have now uploaded or downloaded, ready for this post. I shall definitely link it to Sepia Saturday this week, even though today is Thursday. Blogland days have even less relevance than real world days, wouldn't you agree? 
So here are the historical pictures of a very fragile Jinksy garment which is even older than it's present owner. And that's saying something.
The Dress




Tuesday 7 December 2010

But A Lovely Morning!

Lost is found! Blogland people one and all, I do believe your mammoth efforts at writing all those lovely replies to my plea yesterday, shamed the 'let's hide Jinksy's nightie' gremlins into submission.

After donning my deep lilac (shorter-than-the-others-therefore-not-as-snug) nightie yesterday, I was on the point of climbing into bed, when my inner voice said "Go, now! Look in the airing cupboard for one more time!"I have learned the wisdom of obeying this voice, without question, as it invariably knows best.

The lowest slats in the cupboard are home to socks, pants and bras, with an occasional pillowcase or duvet cover thrown in for good measure, and after removing  and balancing a large heap of the same on the top of the banister rail in front of the cupboard, I peered in, without success.

I'd hardly touched any of the contents of the next shelf up, when a flash of  pale aqua amongst the turquoise sheets greeted me. Lost nightie number one! I'd only just thanked the powers that be for this revelation, when lo, and behold! A pale blue version of the same garment winked at me. This was SO exciting! Within a moment  or two, a tell tale primrose hem peeked at me from the stack of hand towels, and my mission was complete! I swear, I'd already rummaged among those self same contents three or four times, when my nighties first became conspicuous by their absence, but without success.

The only difference last night, was that I had the delightful comments (full of fun and implied good wishes) of all my Blogland buddies, willing me to try, try, try again...And they worked! How can I ever thank you all enough - or will it be a case of "Don't applaud, just throw money?"

Sunday 5 December 2010

Not A Good NIght., No...

I wish I could tell you, as bedtime approaches tonight, that I would be donning a luscious creation like this before retiring to my boudoir. Sadly, not.
At present, I own five articles of nightwear, all of which resemble glorified T-shirts - only longer. Nothing wrong with that. No.

But, can any Blogger explain to me why I am having to exist with only two? One on, one in the wash....WHERE ARE THE OTHER THREE HIDING? Are they huddling together for warmth in some dark drawer or cupboard? Have they turned into an Invisibility Cloak, like Harry Potter's? And let's face it, it would have taken an army of Borrowers to have purloined ONE garment, let alone three...

Why can't I find them?

I shall be eternally grateful if anybody can come up with an unusual suggestion as to where they may be hiding, or how I might set about tracking them down... Even better, if you can do it in rhyme! 

A Quandary

My nighties have got flighty
they've been and fled the coop
I cannot find 'em anywhere -
Am I a nincompoop?

Okay, I'll answer that one straight away - Yep!

Saturday 4 December 2010

Football Fanatics

You may have heard on the news recently, many discussions on the subject of football - not one of my favourite topics.  But here are two of my Dad's drawings which may mean something to those with a greater knowledge of former football stars than I have.

The last painting must have been done very early on in his drawing career - probably when he was still at school - but it's clear to see the dawning of  the artist in his soul!

These are the latest Sepia Saturday offerings from me and mine.

Thursday 2 December 2010

Time To Stand Up And Be Counted!

Are Bloglanders turning into a bunch of wimps and sissies all of a sudden? More and more blogs have 'Comment Moderation' activated which results in that infuriating notice  ' Your comment has been saved and will be visible after blog owner approval.' Can nobody bear to hear even a hint of criticism? Is everybody afraid of seeing words published that don't comply with their idea of 'niceness'?

Do people not realise, ANY comment can be removed by the blog owner at any time, anyway. I see little point in having this vetting process operational right from the word go. In two years of blogging WITHOUT comment moderation, I believe I have only had to removed one comment - and that was because it was written in what appeared to be a Chinese script, and as such was unintelligible to me.

What exactly are people afraid of?

When one is unable to read comments preceding one's own, a blog can end up with line after line of almost identical remarks, each so banal as to make them valueless. At least, when all comments are instantly readable, it gives one a chance to write something more original, and also allows the deletion of one's own comment if mistakes in spelling (or sense) are noticed after clicking the post button.

Come on, folks! Grow up! and take things on the chin a bit more! Take off the dratted moderation, and lets see a bit more freedom of speech.

Wednesday 1 December 2010

A Wandering Day In Blogland

Here at least, any snow encountered is the imaginary kind. In my travels this afternoon, I noticed a post by a fellow blogger, Cad, whose choice of picture made me do a double take, and I eventually asked him if I might purloin it. He was kind enough to say "Yes!" I thought it would give exactly the right chilly feel to one of my favourite wintry poems by none other than A A Milne and his trusty Bear Of Very Little Brain. This is, of course, one of the Hums Of Pooh.

The more it snows
 Tiddly Pom
The more it goes
 Tiddly Pom
The more it goes
 Tiddly Pom
On snowing.

And Nobody knows
 Tiddly Pom
How cold my toes 
 Tiddly Pom
How cold my toes 
 Tiddly Pom
Are growing.

It needs to be sung by two people, with the smallest of the pair singing the Tiddly Poms. My brother and I used to take great delight in such a performance, back in the days when he was actually smaller than his Big Sister, a state of affairs which was VERY short lived, believe me. (Short lived - Ha! Get it? You will if you realise he was one destined for the 6ft plus brigade) Snowy weather always needs the Tiddly Poms to complete it...

"Tiddly what?" said Piglet. "Pom!"said Pooh.