Saturday, 14 September 2019

Time Wasters

There are many kinds of people who might deserve this title, but this morning, I have one specific type in mind - the ones who persist in leaving indecipherable comments on older blog posts, in the hope that they will serve as 'undercover adverts.' At least, that's what they seem like to me.
As my settings have always allowed nefarious comments to appear immediately in my  email 'Inbox'  (from whence I take great delight in hastening to remove said comments from  whichever of my blogs has been invaded) I'd like to point  out to the intruders they are wasting their time, as well as mine. Harrumph! Here endeth the lesson for today...

Thursday, 15 August 2019

Into The Void?

That's where it feels as though Blogger has sent Jinksy, for that was my bloggy identity right from day one. Penelope always struck me as too straight laced and toffee nosed, as well as a bit long a name to use amongst friends, although it was great for those in authority when they wanted to show their displeasure at something I'd done. Can you not hear them utter the 'PeNELope!' (centre syllable stressed) which was capable of stopping me in my tracks?

I'd like to thank Eddie Blue Lights for leaving a comment on my previous post. As I seem unable to get a normal 'Reply' option under his comment to work, I have resorted to posting one here.
Sorry, Eddie, but the thought of having to invent another Gmail address especially to accommodate the Jinksy signature on comments I try to make, fills me with trepidation. I shall remain in The Void which Blogger seems to have created, and continue scrabbling around for any helpful suggestions from other Bloggers who have been similarly afflicted.

Thanks also go to Smitonius And Sonata for their alerting me to the fact that I'm not alone in my frustration! I felt much better once I read other cries for help in the badly named 'HELP' section, which is proving to be of no help at all as far as I can see...

Monday, 12 August 2019

How to waste time without really trying?

I've managed to do that very successfully, this afternoon, much to my annoyance.
Although my regular Blog posting has faded to almost nil, I still get the occasional dreaded Spam Comment Alert...and two had popped up on a long gone Napple post.  I open the Spam tin ASAP, in such circumstances- if you get my drift- and can report the dubious words have been well and truly deleted.

But this sent me on a long and winding trail, attempting to discover why Google still refuses to publish my Jinksy name when I try to leave a comment - even on my own blog! After the best part of an hour and a half of trying every which way I could think of to get the Jinksy name to stick, I've resorted to writing a grumbly blogpost to no one in particular, just to register my displeasure.

Bother, blow and blooming heck, as a good friend of mine used to say.

Friday, 10 May 2019

A kind of time-warp?

After many moons, the sunshine and blue sky has beguiled me into a trip around my long deserted Blog. I see the space in the time-line between the previous post and this one, is like a great black hole.
Frustration hovers, as Blogger insists I sign in via my Google account. I'm not the greatest fan of Gmail in any of its many incarnations. I do have a Gmail address, but prefer to use my original BT one. Maybe that is where my problems arise? Blogger knows me as Jinksy, but Google can't get its head around the fact that is not a name derived from my BT account...
Hey ho. I shall simply rejoice in the fact that my fingers enjoy dancing over the keys, as I see the words translate to the blank page of a new post, which I'm ashamed to say, is the first of 2019.
Who knows when the next one will arrive? Hehehe - certainly not me, for I follow my nose, and that has no idea of time!