Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Alternative Reality?

Anyone who has noticed that I tend to play with images a lot over on Alias Jinksy, won't be surprised that I've been dabbling with those freesias that featured in a straightforward picture yesterday.
In this shot, where I skewed the camera to start with, I've add a 'bulge' feature now, and I loved the way the composition took on a new life all its own. It 'spoke' to me in a different language...I wonder if it does the same to you? Or perhaps this second variation speaks louder...

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Snowmen? Nah...

If you pop over here today, you will see what spurred me on to grab my camera, and take a picture of these measuring cups, which are cleverly disguised as Russian Dolls.

They were a Christmas present from my daughter, but thanks to the appalling weather and various winter bugs which bugged the family, they didn't reach me until February, but hey, who's counting? A prezzie is a prezzie at any time of the year!

And on that subject, the black background with lime green swirls in this photo, is none other than a posh box in which a luxurious M&S bath towel arrived at my door - but for a birthday present. So you see how I'm sticking to the subject in a round about kind of way...

Often the careful wrapping of gifts gives us but a momentary appreciation of the giver's thoughtfulness, and is consigned to a re-cycle bin with no more ado... But here, posh box is recorded for posterity, and will be hoarded until I find a better use for it than feeding a Green Bin.

Of course, some gifts come with no more than a sheet of cellophane around them - like these pretty freesias which accompanied a box of chocolates which we all enjoyed on Saturday, when my kids and grandkids came for the day.

And now I can share their beauty, thanks to a nudge from Doctor FTSE's son-in-law, a natty wee camera and the magic of the internet. The picture is a little gift to delight the eyes of all blogpals, old and new, who may happen across this post. Have a good day, folks!

Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh! I have just been informed by Blogger that this is post number 666! Should I be worried? LOL

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Not An Ordinary Day

...At least in the UK.  It's  Mothering Sunday, as it used to be called in the days when servants were allowed a whole Sunday off work in order to go and visit their families - especially their Mums. Now it's called Mother's Day, and has got commercialised to the Nth degree, with flower prices soaring and cards getting more opulent every year.

But there is still a modicum of originality at work in some places! Like on my computer screen this morning, when I opened an email from my son, for this is what it said:-

In lieu of a card and gifted, wrapped clutter,
I thought in their place these words I'd utter.

They are not mass produced you see,
Just written with love from me to thee.

You are my mum and that's a fact,
And I am me because of that. 

Who I am is because of you,
Take the credit because it's truly due.

Your gentle guidance when I was small
Has paid off now that I am so tall.

So on this Mother's Day be clear
Your number one son is grateful he's here.

Thank you Ma for being you,
I love you wholeheartedly. It's true. :-)

Megga big hugs,

No. 1 son.


My lovely No. 1 daughter was organised enough to get the postman to deliver her bundle of love to me yesterday morning, while Night Owl No. 1 son 'posted' his at 00.5 am this morning! Bless 'em both! I love 'em to bits.:-)

Monday, 4 March 2013

An Ordinary Day

And an ordinary thing to do - fill up a bowl with hot water, ready to do the washing up - but today, instead of putting crockery and cutlery in while the tap was running, I let the water trickle into a bowl containing nothing but a squirt of Ecover liquid.

Look what happened...As the tap water ran into the top left hand corner of the bowl, it somehow set the surface spinning into a galaxy of bubbles...

Then I played with the image, and here it is...