Sunday, 27 June 2021

All in the mind...

 On a dull, damp weekend, what better than to visit Carrie, to see what is afoot... And the prompt picture subject is a four-footed being, just waiting for me to come out of retirement to play! With apologies for seeing (and capturing) the unexpected angle...

The Shaman

In dreamtime, he enters a Sacred Space, 
far from the baying hounds of whirling Dark.  
He summons forth great Spirit Energies; 
"Come, instil in us the Hunter's Power -
give us silent, padding feet as we stalk,
ever cautious, towards our wary prey.
Let our arrows fly true, kill with mercy
the wild beasts on whom our survival rests."

With his ancestral gods, his mind entwines
and travels far beyond those realms in which 
the anxious hunters wait for his return...