Monday, 16 December 2013

Still In Homework Mode

It comes to something when Bro in New Zealand has to email me to check I'm still in the land of the living.  Bless him, he noticed the absence of posts on any of my blogs and had begun to wonder.
But here I am, and tomorrow will be the last class until the end of January, so I may be around a little more often until then, should anybody be calling...
Although my tutor specialises in  setting us assignments for short stories, this time his handout was all about various styles of poetry, with examples included. One of these happened to be a few lines from the Song of Solomon, which he described as 'Grammatical Parallelism' - a term with which I was not familiar.
Roughly translated, it means the idea in one line, is repeated in the next - ad infinitum. So here for your delight is my attempt, which I have entitled " Song of Santa". With apologies.

For, lo, the summer is gone, and the festive season is upon us;
the spirit of goodwill appears on the earth;
the time of the singing of carols is come,
and churches resound with the choirboys' voices;
shops put forth their decorations,
and fir trees with pointed cones give a good smell.
Strings of flashing lights drape around our windows,
while outside, the silver stars twinkle from the heavens.