Saturday, 24 July 2021



From some inner dark,
glimmer seeds of love and light;
a mother gives birth.

From emotion's well,
once-silent words are drawn forth;
a poet writes.

With thanks to The Sunday Muse for their inspiration.

Sunday, 18 July 2021

Too hot to handle?

Heat-wave shimmer over an arc of sky
is echoed above the crowded cities;
houses huddle together, whispering
desperate pleas to an uncaring World
where selfishness rules. Natural order
is out of balance, and pollution reigns.

Blinkered by dark glasses, humanity
throws back its head, howls at this injustice
without admitting the part they had played
in its creation. A radical change
of consciousness is imperative, now.
Only Time's future seeds will be able
to witness final success or failure;
who will History blame for either end?

Thanks to the Sunday Muse for the inspiration

Saturday, 10 July 2021



The artist's model sat as though entranced by some secret known only to herself, calm and detached from the real world; an ideal subject for any painter.  
Faced with a blank, white canvas, palette and brushes poised for action, he sensed this air of secrecy, and knew he must be the one to capture it in the portrait already taking shape in his mind's eye. 
As the image began to emerge, the very air thrummed with a mysterious energy, joining the painter with his subject in a dance of inspirational delight. A masterpiece was about to be born...

Thanks to Carrie at the Sunday Muse for another image destined to spark a Blogger's imagination. :-)

Saturday, 3 July 2021

Time to Muse?


Sea Dreams

Carried on the rising tide of night, flotillas of persistent dreams set sail, while whirlpools circumnavigate my mind - attempt to drown it.

I pray for quiet sleep to steer a course towards a harbour's calm waters. But all the while I hear the cries of ancient nightmares sinking down towards night's ocean bed, biding time to resurface... 

Thanks once again to Carrie at The Sunday Muse, where a time warp happens to allow me to post an offering on a Saturday. Ain't time and technology wonderful?