Sunday, 30 April 2017

Hoarding, Plus Lateral Thinking?!

What a marvelous combination they make... This morning, I was determined to repair (somehow) the broken plastic fittings on three of my vertical blind's strips. They'd taken a bashing whenever the patio door was opened on a windy day, not to mention when visitors crashed into them when their nearby chair collided, thanks to it's five wheeled base and a less than gentle sitter-downer-person.

I knew I had a some wire left over from the days when I made mobiles, and I even remembered where to look for it...
But after experimenting, the wires turned out to be too hefty for the delicate twiddling I was attempting to perform...

So, back to the Thinking Cap. Instead of 'mobiles', I substituted the idea 'silk flower making'. This delightful craft I  dabbled with for quite some time, and it's left me with multifarious 'come in handy' bits and bobs.

One such was a pack of fifteen inch, delicate wires, which had been too fine for most flower stems, but I realised, a little late, would be perfect for the job I had in mind... and I had only to reach across my desk for them. They were right in front of me, tucked into a bamboo pen-pot currently in use for anything but pens!
In next to no time,  the 'chain-link' plastic loops were scooped up from their recumbent position on the carpet and reinstated to restore the blind to full working order.

When I tell you the price tag on the label of the packet announced 'Streets, 91p', if you happened to live in Havant, you'd realise I'd been hoarding them for at least six years, for Streets Ironmongers had closed its doors for good by 2011.

What? Me? A hoarder? Get along with you... Hahaha

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Eggs, anyone?

Here is KP 'hatching' a few Easter Treats... but as that happened in New Zealand, I don't expect many Bloggers will get a taste of one!

Saturday, 15 April 2017

All's well that ends well...

...that's the kind of day it's been here. At the start, I discovered that several of my posts from way back in 2010, had been targeted by an 'alien invader' who left a multitude of annoying, unreadable comments. Presumably, he was hoping I'd not notice him - but I did, and consigned him to the black hole of Blogger's "Delete-void-button", as he deserved.

But enough of that. Let's get back to Piglet, or rather, another piglet. This one belongs to Dr Ftse, and he likes to show off his culinary skills. So with no further ado, I present MacP helping the good Doctor to make an apple crumble...

I hear the finished dish was well received by all...
But Mac P decided to go for the healthier option of a grape or two, more in keeping with his svelte form.

Monday, 20 March 2017

History in the making...

Dr Ftse and British Piglet (BritPig for short) have been getting aquainted! And thanks to the wizardry of mobile phones, I've managed to catch the moment for posterity. The fact that it took an inordinate amount of time for me to work out how to get the image from my iPhone to this page of Napple Notes, is quite another story...

My recent acquisition of No:1 daughter's old iPhone4, has propelled me into the world of Whatsapp, and is forcing my brain into top gear as I struggle to understand its quirks, whilst appreciating its potential.

With a growing clan of Jinksy relatives in New Zealand, Whatsapp is an ideal link-line. But within the past week or so BritPig had the temerity to ask whether he could join the party which the Jinksy Clans were holding, and he sent them this Picture of Introduction...
As you can see, BritPig has an inquiring mind and a penchant for unusual friends, like this recently hatched dragon's egg youngling. While Dr Ftse is in no way a recently hatched anything, BritPig felt the need to get a better view of his whiskers and was even brave enough to hold out the hand of friendship, once he realised that a Ftse is not as scary as a Heffalump...

Monday, 9 January 2017

New thoughts on old subjects, perhaps....

Yes, I know there has been a gap of monumental proportions, while the World of Jinksy spun on in its accustomed, every decreasing circles, but here I am, pounding the keys again. I've spent the afternoon scribbling away, thanks to something that caught my eye as I watched an episode of an Australian drama - 'A Place To Call Home'...
Sometimes the tiniest thing can spur one into action. Maybe 2017 will be a year when I get spurred more often, who knows?! Anyhow, may all my Blogpals have a good year ahead of them :-) ♥


Flowers in a vase, briefly shown on screen
during some old television drama,
catapult  Gran's image into focus...
She once told me they were her favourites.

I see again her thin, grey hair, drawn back
in a tight knot, pinned with difficulty
by arthritic fingers shaped by hard work,
her left, ring-finger permanently bent.

I experience a tight knot of loss
as present tears blur my vision of then,
while the warm, dusky scent of mimosa
spirals its fragrant ghosts in my nostrils.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

What wiped out the Dinosaurs?

That's a question that has long been asked, with answers being as many and varied as the number of people searching for them. The answers, I mean, not the dinosaurs. They, or their remains, still turn up occasionally to add to our amazement at the window on the past which science and technology open wide.
But I've discovered an equally tantalizing question with no immediate answer. What happened two or three years ago in Blogland? Did a flaring sun spot contribute to the mass black out of Blogger's computer networks? Did a host of typing fingers get RSI in one fell swoop, enough to make their owners quit posting? Or did the ever expanding Twitter and Facebook consume Bloggers whole, swallowing them up in shoals like basking sharks swallowing plankton?

Alas, alack!
Oh, please come back
my former Bloggy friends.
Re-crank your brains and start again -
"Keep blogging to the end!"

I urge you troopers one and all.
Don't let your Muses stifle.
Set to at once, create a post,
though it be but a trifle,
and keep alive creative flames
as through ideas you rifle!!!

And just to add a bit of colour, here's a fancy crochet corner on one of the cushions which kept my fingers away from my keyboard for months.
Thanks go to Dedri Uys for the inspiration which consumed my every waking hour until I'd followed her Sophie's Garden to the centre of her Universe!
Click the links, if you have no idea what I'm talking about. :-)

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Ties that bind?

If you listen carefully to the words in the following ditty you can find the clue as to why I chose such a title for this long overdue post, which will inevitably be a true, napple-rambling note...

I have no idea when early cave men's descendants decided shirts and ties would be worn in favour of pelts, furs or plain old bare skin (!), but somewhere along the way, decide it they did. And ties, plain or bow, have caused many a wrinkled brow ever since.
I once had to give a fifteen minute lecture to a class of fellow teachers, on the intricacies of tying both kinds. Maybe that accounts for the secret wish I've harboured ever since... to grab the tie of an unsuspecting male, and slice it in two with a snip from some sharp shears. Not quite on a par with Tome Lehrer's cruel cut, as no bloodstains would result, but equally final.
I have yet to realise this ambition, so beware...

But on a more serious note, during my long absence from blog world, I have created a few ties, amongst them this colourful version for a birthday gift - hence the candle!
I tried both crochet and knitting, but I think the knitted one shown here worked best, although the boredom quotient is equally high for either method, due to the long length and narrow width. I think a mesmerised state ensues after the first twelve inches or so...

However, the third and anything but serious reference comes in honour of the great Victoria Wood whose recent death has left the world saddened, even while laughter continues in the wake of such a genius. If you've never heard her rendition of "The Ballad Of Barry And Freda", I urge you to seek it out.

Freda and Barry sat one night.
The sky was clear the stars were bright.
The wind was soft. The moon was up.
Freda drained her cocoa cup

She licked her lips. She felt sublime.
She switched off Gardener's Question Time.
Barry cringed in fear and dread
as Freda grabbed his tie and said:

To whet your appetite, these are the first two stanzas, with their reference in the last line which brings my subject full circle. :-)

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Alma Deutscher, composer - Violinist and Pianist - The World Around Us

Long time since I was here - but this post needs to be shared as far and wide as possible! Treat yourself to twenty five or so minutes of sheer genius in the person of this little girl.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Hair Raising?!

A good question raised the other day by my Bloggypal Pearl, started me thinking. I suggest you hop across to read her entertaining take on the subject of her hair in its many ' incarnations', as you might say.
I was tempted into sharing the following personal information:-
I have little choice in the matter of hair. It grows in a certain way, and a wash and a shake of the head is its usual routine. So although it has gone up and down like a Venetian blind over the years, and I have streaked or straightened it in the rash days of my youth, now I'm only too glad that a fair number of hairs have opted to stay in the same place. Many others decided to take residence in my plughole or hairbrush...
And I realised, that no matter what I've done with mine, it grows in a certain pattern that has remained the same since this photo was taken. There is no point my denying it.

I wonder how many other lady Bloggers have discovered, as they age, that their attitude to hair has altered.? After passing through a multitude of experimental alterations inflicted on their 'crowning glory', do they finally stop fighting nature and opt for an 'au naturel' look as regards colour and style?

I can't wait to read your thoughts on the subject!

Monday, 20 April 2015

Named & Shamed?

In my early morning Blogland wanderings, I happened upon a fellow Blogger - Bjorn. He was issuing a challenge over at The Imaginary Garden With Real Toads, and I couldn't resist a little ditty to capture his given idea. What's in a name? At least, as far as the meaning thereof relates to the person who bears it.

And as ever, my thoughts landed on the lighter side of life. So with no more ado, here is my take on the matter. It's no secret, my name at birth...nor is this hideous photo, taken some time after...

Penelope was a weaver,
according to the myth...
I could have been a weaver
if I'd studied, and then with
Dame Fortune standing by my side
I might have made a mint.
But I weave dreams, not threads of yarn
and thus I am quite skint!

My second name at birth was Jinks,
and Hi(gh) Jinks dogged my path.
I'd be the first one to admit -
I do like folks to laugh.
I don't mind being dubbed a nit,
if it is kindly done,
and hopefully this little rhyme
will disappoint no one.

With Anne, my humble middle name,
comes the meaning 'full of grace'.
Without that, I'd perhaps be sad.
But a smile comes to my face.
I cannot help but realise,
thanks to its neat addition,
that it leaves me with abiding hope -
it might save me from perdition!

Thanks to Bjorn and his IGWRT's post this fine Monday.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Flown Time

From the back end of last year until Mother's Day 2015, time the sense of speeding along, not magnifying to 150% of the norm. THAT might have been useful, eh?  Imagine...each day could have been thirty six hours, which would have allowed us six hours to fit in all the things we know we should have done, in hindsight, but didn't.

My computer, which No.1 Son dubbed 'Sparkle' when he first gave me the Magic Box (you can tell, I'm no Technophobe!), took it into its head to Sparkle less. This resulted in many hours of frustration on my part, as the screen took longer and longer to live up to its name.

Blogging became more of a hassle than a fun playtime, so I switched my creative urges to the world of wool and whimsy, and knitted, crocheted and sewed  to my hearts content.

But now I've invested in a new, super slim, all singing, all dancing hp screen which Sparkle rejoices in as much as I, and the call of Blogger has been heard loud and clear. "Jinksy! Come back, all is forgiven!" So here I am. Older, little wiser, but in the mood to carry on waffling again.

Must have been the delicious perfume of those white hyacinths that's gone to my head, or perhaps it's simply that Spring is in the air, and the sap is rising...

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Second Childhood?!

I was delighted today to discover this gem, which I remember having first heard as a child. The reader, David Davies, was a relatively young man then, but it wasn't until technology had grown to include tape recorders, that the BBC issued a recording for sale, by which time, it's clear, that Mr Davies had aged- as had we all! But the recording still holds magic of a very special kind, which I hope you will appreciate... *smiles*

Sunday, 6 July 2014

My Sibling

Who plays with pictures the same way I do, will celebrate his 70th birthday this month, so his latest creation is especially appropriate, and deserves sharing.
I'm not sure which member of his family should have the credit for the original photo, but I love this variation on a theme. I hope the layers of loveliness in that tall glass will have given him enough strength to huff, puff, and blow out all his candles in one go, when the day arrives! Have a good one, Bro, and here's to many more. :-)

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Blogger may drive us scatty at times...

...but I wish that the WordPress fanatic who keeps leaving yard long comments identified as  "ce8d632a-647c-11e3-94d3-000bcdcb2996" would go take a long walk off a short pier, as they obviously have too much time on their hands...

They persist in visiting sundry Blogger blogs via any handy Linky List, to leave their annoying two-penn'orth with links which aren't even added in the correct HTML format comment boxes require.

Any WordPress users who know how to report them to the relevant authorities will immediately earn themselves a gold star and a putty medal from yours truly.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

No Travel Involved capture this delightful seascape - only a television and a digital camera! The resultant image is a remarkable tribute to both Mother Nature and man's power of invention.

Sea Thoughts

Shadows skim the water
as clouds race overhead
and blues deepen,
in harmony with the depth of the ocean.

There, unseen currents
travel the globe
with a population of sea-creatures
too numerous to count,
a moving tide of life.

It's entrusted to the guardianship of Man,
but if he fails, destruction of the planet
and it's species will haunt the universe
for eternity.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Part Of Life's Rich Tapestry

A beautiful bouquet I received this morning set me photoshoping,  after I'd clicked the shutter and saved the image, until this rich and opulent 'painting' variation cried out to be displayed as a new creation in its own right...
But if you want to compare the real thing, it looks like this:-
  And the connection between flowers and the urge to photoshop, is obviously a family failing, for my Bro emailed me the following pcture of his garden, which he'd taken - before he read my post! Hehehe! It's all in the genes...

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

But some things are simply beautiful...

Like the incredible photographs Hilary displays on her blog, The Smitten Image. Bless her cotton socks, she has given me permission to use any of her images to spark my writing, So with no further ado, here is a detail from one I particularly admired, complete with my added Tanka.  There may be more poetic thoughts in the pipeline ...

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Nothing Is Ever Simple

For example, buying this new cooker, after the drop down grill door of it's predecessor dropped, and refused to un-drop... or in common parlance, would no longer stay closed. As I'd bought it second hand in 1992, it had done sterling work, and deserved its retirement.
New safety rules and regulations meant a gas/electric expert had to disconnect the old appliance, as well as re-connect the new.

Perhaps you begin to see the logistics of needing two cookers in my kitchen at the same time, so that only one visit from the fitter would be needed? When a payment of £65 is charged for such a person to simply step across your threshold, you can see how the cost may escalate, if the whole operation isn't tackled like a military exercise!

However, after several unintelligible mobile calls from a non-native UK van driver, the cooker arrived late Monday morning, and a Little and Large duo carried in the appliance you see here in all its glory. They removed all the plastic sheeting and polystyrene blocks with umpteen wooden strut strengtheners, and left me with the untrammeled stove, and no wheelie bins stuffed with its wrappings. Bonus brownie points.

A local gas/electric fitter arrived at tea time to do his bit - only to discover the old bayonet gas pipework was so old, the modern replacement wouldn't fit. Off he trundled to the nearest supplier, but they'd closed an hour ago. He said he'd be back with the new part at 8am Tuesday, which left me with the happy prospect of having a pizza delivered for my dinner, as no way was I in a frame of mind to cook, even if I could. And he told me the end payment would be £105.00...

Eight o'clock on the dot, he arrived as promised and fitted this smug looking silver-coloured gadget, as befits a Silver Surfer like me. He also said he had a mate who would come later in the day to take away the old cooker at no extra charge. Another bonus. And I went to bed last night with dreams of cooking up a storm or two...eventually. Eventually being the operative word, for it so happened the length of electric cable supplied with the cooker was not long enough to reach my previous socket, and if I didn't want to permanently play put-and-take with my kettle plug, I'd need another one fitted in a better position behind the cooker.

For another £65 pounds, he'll come back next Tuesday to 'socket to me' ?! And I thought that would be a wrap.

But no. I was counting hatching chickens erroneously.  After lighting the grill to toast a currant bun this morning, as the fan started its automatic humming, a CLOUD of blue smoke and an awful scent of burning rubber blew out of the grill cavity, as I grabbed the pallid, un-toasted bun from its jaws.

The manufacturers will be sending an engineer to inspect my appliance in due course. And 'twas on a Monday morning that the gas man came to call, as the song says...

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Love Thy Neighbour?

Listen to the news on almost any day, and there will be talk of unrest somewhere in the world; Russia and Ukraine ; kidnapped schoolgirls in Nigeria; these are but two examples we've heard of during recent days, and this made me think about how Nature copes with its differences.

Do you see plants having a battle royal over territory, or ownership? Of course not. They carry on doing their own thing, minding their own business. If only we could all live the same way...

In Harmony

Honeysuckle twines and plaits its way
through jasmine, smoke bush, lavender, hibiscus.
Foliage and flowers flourish here,
with scant respect for others' boundaries.
They intermingle, managing to grow
with minimum of fuss. No fight for food,
for space, for light, appears to stunt their growth.
The flower kingdom lives its days in peace,
with only nature's laws to shape its fate.

Friday, 9 May 2014


A Plane Tree's Beauty

Dappled shadows waiver on bricks-
muted red-brown, dust covered-
beneath the plane tree's canopy
of rustling, summer's-end leaves.

In blocks of cool grey, shading to umber,
the bark flaunts a rich, textured surface,
while one bright spot of gamboge
draws the attention like a beacon.

Specks of eau-de-nil moss, or fungus,
are embroidered in a sparse pattern
down one side. They lift the colour palette
into another dimension, alien to the tree,

whose branches spread a benison of calm
over all below. The day's breath
slows at the approach of dusk, until
a sudden crescendo sends a few dry leaves

spiraling to earth, where they scutter
over the cobbles, rasping, brittle, whispering,
as they scurry across the road's surface
in a wind-whirled dance of Autumn.

Looking through folders on my computer just now,  I thought this picture and poem should be in partnership, even though they are nothing to do with Spring. The same tree which inspired both, is now dressed in a new gown to greet another year. I stood admiring it, last time I walked to the shops, and it's as beautiful as ever

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Where Did Yesterday Go?

In the blink of an eye, of course, where else? Do you have days which concertina, despite your best efforts to stretch them longer? Wednesday was like that for me. All intentions to write a blog post went out the window, and I spent the greater part of the day immersing myself in yet more music. I blame this, of course, on my discovery of Loreena McKennit and my initiation into iTunes for Windows.

They both occurred on the same day.  With happenstance leading me to Ms McKennitt's video on Tuesday, curiosity about her music soon had me rushing to join iTunes - something I'd previously ignored. As with every other technological bit of wizardry I embrace despite initial reluctance, it caused some minor blips, from which my long suffering No. 1 son rescued me. Bless him. Again.

By Wednesday morning I was clutching my Plastic Pennies in my hot little hand, metaphorically speaking, spending them at the rate of 79p per track on collecting iTunes for all I was worth. Or about £7.11's worth, whichever was the greater! No problems there, but, in order to choose favourite tracks, I had first to listen to the whole album...That is my excuse, and I'm sticking to it. LOL.

So I had another magical musical day; live at the Alhambra with Loreena  McKennitt, torn between West Meets East with Yehudi Menhuin and Ravi Shankar, memerised by Joshua Bell's violin concertos by Bruch, Mendelssohn and Tchaikovsky then serenaded by Voces8 as they sang my favourite 'O Magnum Mysterium', from their album Eventide.

Hence no blogpost.

Though to make up for missing a day, here's an extra, poetic thought to add to the musical ones above.

Blank Pages

Our book of life falls open at a page
whereupon we write our stories daily,
with tracery that weaves our souls’ intent
into the fabric of the words we choose;
ours the choice to seek the light or dark
inks to embellish the script of our play.

We have to take the leading role. Each act
supplies a cast of characters for us,
without whom our production would be dull,
a monologue in shades of monotone
uniformity.  So raise the curtain,
let the orchestra play an overture
as we stand in the wings of a stage set
with backdrops poised to paint the scene for life.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Magic of Music

Since I bought an Internet WiFi Radio, I've been listening more and more to a Dublin station which goes by the the name of Live Ireland 1.
Many of the folk songs it broadcasts are in Gaelic, but just as with Indian songs I enjoy, the language of the music creates no barriers in my mind.
But  I'm unable to Google for the titles of any  of them, because I can't speak or read the Gaelic! What a conundrum.
However, here is a perfectly understandable English title to one well know melody, which I hope you will enjoy as much as I do.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Bank Holiday Monday

That doesn't sound half as romantic as May Day, does it?  The first of the month used to be our traditional day for a holiday, but eventually powers that be decreed it had to be forced to fit a Monday mould, regardless, thus the first Monday in May took on a new persona.

But in the spirit of ancient traditions, if not by date, here's a picture of a birthday card I've kept for many years, because of its special 'vibes' which I hope will bring a spring to your step, if not Spring to your local environs!

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Asda Takes The Cake

Or at least, one lady in their customer care team. In a moment of idiocy, I sent them a copy of the 'Pesto Houmous' diatribe I posted here last Thursday.
Saturday morning I got the following reply:_

Hi Penelope

Thank you for your email about the pesto houmous.
What would I do, if I had the same pesto as you?
I'd make sure we sell more so that every customer gets them in store.
I'd suggest them as one of the best, and give the pessimists a taste test.
I'd buy so many, but then that wouldn't leave you with any.
So instead what I'll do, is leave the pesto with you.
I hope I don't see any drivers, youths or dog walkers in green. But if I do, I'd know you weren't being mean.
You like the pesto, and want to share it too. I might not get to taste it, but I'm very glad you do.

Thanks again for contacting me and if there’s anything else I can help you with please let me know.
Have a good day.
Kind regards

Asda Home Shopping Team

Thank goodness a sense of fun is still alive in this commercialised world.

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Inside Out

Or perhaps that should be inside looking out, because four years ago, this was the view I had as I sat here before the gaping hole which was, and would be, patio doors.
And why blog about it today?
Well, last time I was wandering down my reading list path to pop in an out of other Bloglanders' worlds, one lovely lady gardener had a snapshot of a plaque which said 'Leave room for fairies .'  Sadly, my abysmal ability for name recall, means I can't at this precise moment say who she is, but it might come to me later.

Anyhow, I thought I could guarantee a promise to do exactly that, and started to hunt through files, to prove it... But I became disillusioned when I came across this image. Which self-respecting fairy would chose to set up home in such a rain-splattered wilderness? None.

That's why I had some squatters!

This Mummy fairy and her offspring roosted high on a shelf, well out of the reach of inquisitive fingers and guarded by two fearsome Chinese Dragons who happened to be circling nearby...

 A  diminutive cousin chose to hide herself away amongst some fairy foliage on the opposite side of the room, while a couple of Woodland Sprite Tree People danced on top of my bookcase in admiration...
The workman soon had my garden back to rights, but for some reason the fairy folk you see here decided to stay with me on this side of the new double glazing.

From here, safe and warm, they may gaze at the often wet and windswept playground which awaits them, should they decide to escape, any time I slide open the patio door. Do you think they ever will?

Friday, 2 May 2014

Calloo Callay

Oh, frabjous day! This morning, as I opened up Napple Notes, Lo and behold! The top of my page had a NavBar (of sorts) complete with a Blogger logo, and a message about Cookies.

This reminded me that I had opted out of as many cookies as possible, some months back... Now, perhaps I shall experiment with allowing some again, to monitor the effect that has. It's certainly brought back my longed for NavBar, for starters. Yay!

At least for the moment, I have no wish to yell 'Pesto Houmous!' in the direction of Blogger!

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Pesto Houmous

My eyes focussed on those two words as I threw a paper wrapper in the bin, and my brain had a Harry Potter moment. I suddenly pictured them being used as a spell to ward off any loutish or unseemly behaviour.
"Pesto Hounous!" car drivers could shout at jaywalkers, to make them think twice before undertaking a potential suicide mission.
"Pesto Houmous!" we could fling at unruly youths as they mingled in boisterous groups, blocking our path.
"Pesto Houmous"! we could chant, as we pointed our invisible wands at the non-public spirited dog-walker who failed to have a Pooper-Scooper ready to wield as necessary.

Now you try. Say the words out loud and with gusto, then give us a clue as to whom you might be inspired to aim them at! Hehehe! And at worst, should your spell prove effective, your victim would only be covered in a tasty, green-tinted sludge, and no harm would have been done.

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

A Bit Of Daydreaming...

...Doesn't go amiss, sometimes, when the colours outside my windows are nowhere near as idyllic as they appear in this somewhat 'doctored' shade of blue sea and sky.

Yes, I know I went OTT with photoshop, but just get a whiff of that weed in the foreground. Mmmmm!

Almost central on the skyline is the dark grey hump of Langstone Mill, and the part of the harbour wall you can see, forms the boundary of a pub garden -  complete with gaudy sunshades which bloom out of the middle of each sun bleached, wooden table.

It's a popular haunt for tourists on a nice day, and I decided to let a touch of nostalgia for the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer, flow onto my blogpage for all of you to share.

And don't forget the sun screen lotion and your dark glasses if you go searching for the real thing!

And now a Funny Footnote, to finish with...

"When the weed in Langstone Harbour
gives off its pungent smell,
I know God's in his Heaven
and all the world is well!"

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Telephone Torture?

Having been a loyal customer of BT since the days when I had a phone exactly like this picture, I've since developed a love/hate relationship with them, as their services blossomed to embrace modern technology which now includes Broadband and Online Billing.

The downside of the widening horizons of telecommunications, has been the Marketing Menace of  increasing numbers of unsolicited calls at all hours of the day - and occasionally, night - well, late evening, anyway.

Since January this year I've been running a one woman campaign (almost!) to stop such intrusions. The
TPS (tephone treference tervice), the barring of 'withheld numbers' and the 'choose to refuse' option are all services which BT offers - but at a price, in the case of the last two.

On studying today's Online Bill, I was reminded that 'barring' costs me £4.75 a month, and 'refusing', £3.90. I now know that the first only bars 'no number' calls made in the UK, and the second only allows me ten 'spaces' for detailing numbers I wish to refuse.

Within a month from the date I opted for three pounds ninety's worth of refusing, my ten spaces were filled - the first with a number which registered as 0000 000 000. Where in the universe is a 'phone allocated with THAT number, pray tell me?

And as most nuisance marketing calls stem from call centres abroad, what is the use of BT limiting their barring to the UK only?

It's about time the making-millions-of-profit BT started being honest in the way they deal with Telephone Tortures which continue to plague poor OAP's like me.

P.S. Sorry I was A.W.O.L yesterday - I  was out and about, and the day ran away with me! LOL. :-)

Sunday, 27 April 2014

If Only

If only Blogger would re-instate the little banner across the top of it's pages which used to give us a quick link for a new post. Now, we have to go hunting for the option by first visiting the Dashboard. Has no body else seen fit to mourn the passing of the earlier layout?
For some reason it still appears if I use Google Chrome to open my blog, but I prefer Mozilla Firefox. No accounting for taste, I suppose. I wonder if others amongst you have wished the 'new post' option was left in the 'old' layout?

But apart from that, the morning has escaped me as I've been flitting around blogland drinking in creative juices from the prolific writers whose names catch my attention as I wander its highways and byways. I've missed days doing just that, following my nose and absorbing thoughts which leap from the screen's words and pictures that others have posted.

I think I have become too punch drunk on their creativity to let my own take flight today, but who knows what tomorrow may bring?