Sunday, 5 August 2012


Waiting for a story to start...

On BBC Rdio4 this morning. Something Understood was all about stories. I didn't hear the original broadcast, but thanks to  iPlayer, and a tip off from a blogpal, I could listen later, at my leisure. It gave this quote as an introduction:-

"Novelist Jake Arnott believes narrative is a powerful force. He thinks the instinct to create stories is innate within us, and is vital to our understanding of the world."

I'd certainly recommend bloggers listen to this iPlayer programme, if they can,  for aren't all of us trying to be storytellers in one way or another?

And on this same subject - a new blog has recently been born, which will be showcasing a collection of longer short stories  (I love that contradiction!) by the indomitable Doctor FTSE - but  a Doctor FTSE in serious mode.
The blog is called Once or Twice Upon a Time.
If you are looking for a substantial bite of a literary feast,  why not settle down with a cuppa while you read a story or two from the Doctor's new menu?  I'm sure you will find its choices more satisfying than many of the other dishes already on offer in Blogland.


  1. Wow, Penelope . . thanks! "Once or Twice Upon a Time" welcomes visitors and critique. No one's writing was ever improved by their being told it's awesome.

    1. Hehehe! Be careful what you wish for, Doc... Having said that, all power to your elbow for introducing some extra style into the halls of Blogland. :)

  2. Just over from Dr. FTSE's OOTUAT (makes for a nice acronym). Definitely a literary feast :-)
    Thanks for the recommendation.
    Am back on your blog after a very long time. I think I got kicked off the followers' list!

  3. Oh well, looks like I'm back on the list.

  4. I loved the artwork, very bright and that I am allowed to be upright for 2 hours a day twice a day, I've been spending the time playing catchup with all my blogging pals...thanks for sharing!

  5. I see you are still creating great pictures. Yes we are all story tellers. I came from a state (TEXAS) known for its "tall tales" so a learn first hand the art of embellishing the truth, or my favorite created term, is the amplification of the truth.

  6. Looking forward to Dr. FTSE's new stuff!


    p.s. I received the art work in the mail and I love it! I shall frame it and send a picture to you when I do. Thank you so much. :-)

  7. On your recommendation I went over to Dr FTSE's Once or Twice Upon a Time. So glad I did - thank you.

  8. Thanks Jinksy for these two steers, I shall certainly follow them up.


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