Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Holiday By Proxy?

"What on earth are you waffling about today?" I hear you mutter as you read the title. You'll soon understand. My Blogtastic NZ niece has returned from her holiday with a plethora of pictures which she's permitted me to rifle through and re-post for your delight.
Where do I start? Hmmm...spoilt for choice - but how about this bird's eye view for starters?
or would you rather back off a little... so you can
admire the headgear...

and I've had an afterthought, strictly for the birds, you might say -
The peacock wears a feathered hat
and very fine he looks
with it's rippling shades of blue and green -
but a cockscomb's red, which woos the chooks!


  1. Holidays are good, even if enjoyed vicariously.

  2. What beautiful pictures. Peacocks are so very splendid but cockerels come in a close second for me. I've had one or two beauties over the years.

  3. Successive thoughts:

    1. Your photographs remind me of the princesses Beatrix and Eugenie at the wedding of their cousin William to his Kate.

    2. And they (the photographs, not the princesses) positively make one want to go into the millinery business.

    3. Jinksy, you're a bloomin' genius!

  4. That is one stunning fascinator, Mr. Peacock! :)

  5. Terrific portraits of these feathered friends!

  6. Aren't they wonderful.
    One wonders how anyone can possibly imagine these fantastic creations just evolved. Impossible to my mind.

    On a more serious note I am sorry to report some very sad news at my place.
    Hugs ~ Eddie x

  7. I love Peacocks - they are so majestic. Been seeing peacocks on many blogs - wonder what that means?

  8. Jinksy, what has happened to you? Where have you gone? It's July 13th already, and you haven't posted anything since May 7th....you are missed.

    1. Oops, I must edit myself...it's only June 13th.

    2. Never mind...I found you over at "Alias Jinksy"

    3. I am suitably reprimanded! But I have been a busy little bee with yet another poetry course, not to mention crafty pursuits, and something has to give. LOL. A click on the Alias Jinksy or In Tandem boxes in my sidebar will always find my latest short, blog scribbles...

  9. The shades of blue and green on that peacock are impossibly gorgeous. I am preening my own feathers today because I am so glad to have found you again! (I had a year off due to health issues but am now on the bounce again.)

  10. Oh but these are good pictures! Close up.... looking at their eyes. :-)Thanks for sharing. Blessings to you and your loved ones.


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