Friday 30 August 2013

It Grabbed My Attention

Interesting words, but how different they are in meaning from 'seeking attention', for one happens by chance, whereas the other is a deliberate attempt to make others notice us, or our achievements...

I started pondering  after reading this sentence on Braja Sorensen's blog, Lost and Found in India, this morning:-

People praise the rich and variegated plumage of the peacock, and he is himself blushing at the sight of his ugly feet.

Do you know people who go through life thinking the same way, underestimating the good they do and never giving themselves credit for what they've added to others' lives? I reckon we could all come up with some examples, if we tried...

Quiet People

Some walk through life without creating waves
which ruffle surface calm from day to day,
and yet their wake will leave a trail to follow
for those who  seek a sign to guide their way.


  1. Definitely . . . after all, empty vessels make the most noise.

  2. Folks do not see themselves as part of the whole. Or realize between them they have all of the story.

  3. This made me smile, Jinksy. We're all guilty of not seeing the bigger picture when it comes to ourselves. We tend to focus on the negative which is a real shame. We are so much more than one thing, but we can get bogged down in that idea.

  4. That is a great quote, so rich with meaning.

  5. Very true. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Good morning, thanks for visiting my blog, commenting...I'd love to share with you my poem 'Gentle souls', it feels resonates with yours...

    Thank you! Great week to you! :)

  7. I love that quote! And your verse, too... I have only recently begun to really appreciate the value of the 'strong, silent' type... it that's another story!! ;-)


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