Tuesday, 17 June 2014

No Travel Involved

...to capture this delightful seascape - only a television and a digital camera! The resultant image is a remarkable tribute to both Mother Nature and man's power of invention.

Sea Thoughts

Shadows skim the water
as clouds race overhead
and blues deepen,
in harmony with the depth of the ocean.

There, unseen currents
travel the globe
with a population of sea-creatures
too numerous to count,
a moving tide of life.

It's entrusted to the guardianship of Man,
but if he fails, destruction of the planet
and it's species will haunt the universe
for eternity.


  1. Yes - quite a combination to give this stunning result :)

  2. Haunting words, great snapshot - wouldn't know which one takes the cake!

  3. I always feel very tiny when I visit the sea and think of the vastness and the millions of creatures that are contained in it.
    Love your colours.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  4. What a beautiful photo, Jinksy....and your poem is right on! So full of life that is slowly being choked by floating garbage, toxic waste and a rising water temperature. Horrifying - yet still looking so beautiful and limitless.

  5. This is a photo of a TV screen? Clever of you.

    Your poem is a timely one, pity we don’t look after our planet, no matter how we often we are entreated to do so.

    You and I probably don’t do too much damage, but then we are old and past it and greed is no longer our driving force, as it is with too many young ones who have a living to make, regardless.

    That doesn’t mean that I have an answer.

  6. I love the introduction: the things we can (and could) do if we worked with Mother Nature instead of fighting her as hard as we can.

    The last line is extremely haunting...

  7. Thank you for your comment on my comment over at Friko's place. I've seen your comments on other sites, and have nodded in agreement.

    Yes, I do think that blogger is doing some strange manipulations to our expected normal business. Let us persevere, hoping that all the hiccups will settle down soon.

    Best wishes,

  8. This is such a real threat, but may it never happen!


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