Monday, 12 August 2019

How to waste time without really trying?

I've managed to do that very successfully, this afternoon, much to my annoyance.
Although my regular Blog posting has faded to almost nil, I still get the occasional dreaded Spam Comment Alert...and two had popped up on a long gone Napple post.  I open the Spam tin ASAP, in such circumstances- if you get my drift- and can report the dubious words have been well and truly deleted.

But this sent me on a long and winding trail, attempting to discover why Google still refuses to publish my Jinksy name when I try to leave a comment - even on my own blog! After the best part of an hour and a half of trying every which way I could think of to get the Jinksy name to stick, I've resorted to writing a grumbly blogpost to no one in particular, just to register my displeasure.

Bother, blow and blooming heck, as a good friend of mine used to say.


  1. Hi Pen, that's a blooming nuisance!!! Why do these things happen, I wonder?
    I still dabble in Blogland and do a weekly poem in a circle I joined but I have migrated to Instagram along with a whole flock of bloggers . . . Hope you are keeping well. Your Napple blankets are very popular here with the increasing family population, now three grandchildren.

  2. Blogger has changed lately and everyone seems to have difficulties lately. It seems to be more jittery … perhaps it's an attempt to drive us all back to gossiping on the village green?


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