Saturday, 14 September 2019

Time Wasters

There are many kinds of people who might deserve this title, but this morning, I have one specific type in mind - the ones who persist in leaving indecipherable comments on older blog posts, in the hope that they will serve as 'undercover adverts.' At least, that's what they seem like to me.
As my settings have always allowed nefarious comments to appear immediately in my  email 'Inbox'  (from whence I take great delight in hastening to remove said comments from  whichever of my blogs has been invaded) I'd like to point  out to the intruders they are wasting their time, as well as mine. Harrumph! Here endeth the lesson for today...


  1. Just checking Jinksy 's picture lives on comments...

  2. It's a long time since I saw that smile! Today's sun had tempted me out of my shed. I hope Ada wasn't watching...

  3. Lovely to have a comment on my blog from you Jiksy - ages since I heard from you.

  4. I thought I should add myself to the faces in previous comments - just to show willing! Ho hum - or hohoho, perhaps?


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