Thursday, 3 September 2020

Golly Gosh!

Once again, Blogger plus Google have thrown a spanner in the works! Will it spell the end of us ancient Bloggers, as we are forced to keep up with the times? Hehehe - and what times they have been for us so far in 2020.

There is one consoling thought, though. Wandering the paths of Blogland to greet Old Blog Pals  by giving them a virtual hug or handshake, will not involve anybody in yet another Hand Wash or Sanitiser routine! Be grateful for these small mercies, and good luck with the new Blogger enforced re-vamp. Long may our brains remain un-addled enough to cope! ♥♥♥



  1. ..I like the thought of wandering in Blogland..greeting old bloggers...xx

    1. Hello again., Blogpal...I've had another wander around Blogland today, and discovered that many Old Bloggers have failed to update their blogs to 'https:// , etc," which means their blog's addresses are not secure...This is easy to correct in the general details of any blog one owns...

  2. I've managed to post on New Blogger, but when I want to go to my long list of labels, or search an old post and cannot remember the title, I am lost. Happy Sunday.


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