Wednesday 14 April 2021

Four more lines and a title!

 OK, there may be a few days gap in real life, but in BlogTime, this is in direct response to my long-time Blogpal RWP's suggestion for making my last post's offering into a 'proper' Petrarchan sonnet.

Ever one to rise to a challenge, I've attempted to comply with the rules, and here goes, title and all!

April’s Plea

Without a sunbeam's brush to gild her frame,
brave April's countenance betrays her plight.
She calls her hero, 'Helios!' in vain.
Then, crestfallen, she cowers out of sight...

Capricious forces conjure sun and rain 
into eternal conflict. Dark lords and bright
wage their wars, as moon-tides wax and wane
throughout the universe's star-drenched night,

until, by morning, rotund Earth's revolved
in deference to laws decreed long since.
Then sun-flamed beams put shadow-clouds to flight,

their unshed tears like morning mists dissolved,
as Helios, our hero, on his plinth 
stands proud, the great defender of the light.


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