Wednesday 1 November 2023

On the Horns of a Dilemma?

Be afraid ? Or not...

Hehehe - I happened across this, my alarming selfie,  just too late to give readers a touch of Halloween horror on that occasion. 
But time is a very elastic concept, so today I give permission for the Blogland world at large to have a laugh with, rather than at, a bearded lady like no other! 

Then, as I spotted  the name Sepia Saturday on my reading list, I couldn't resist the urge to post this anything-but-sepia snap that my sense of humour decided to share further. Apologies to serious photographers all...

I have spent too long not looking at said reading list every day, but with storm Ciaran giving UK Bloggers much to discuss on their favourite subject (!) of weather, I've taken to the keyboard to add my pennyworth - dreadful pun intended.  

Each news and weather report on TV is full of devastating scenes. We have been too complacent, expecting life to continue as 'normal'. Now, it seems that word is beginning to have less and less meaning by the day, not only as applied to weather fronts, but world events. As King Lear knows, "That Way Madness Lies..."

But if I managed to raise even a tiny smile at the start of this post, then my time has been well spent!


  1. A cross between a Highland cow and a Viking - intriguing!

  2. I have never seen a knitted beard before :)

  3. Who cares if Halloween is a few days past. The photo is great and I chuckled for sure! Were the horns made of yarn somehow, too?

    1. horn crochet pattern

      1 - make a double ring with 5 sc
      2 - m2, sc4
      3 - sc1, m2, sc4
      4 - sc1, m2 x2, sc2, sc2tog
      5 - sc2, m2, sc5
      6 - sc3, m2 x2, sc3, sc2tog (from now on the decreases will always cross the first stitch of the new/next round, don't worry, just start the new round after the decrease like nothing happend)
      7 - sc3, m2, sc6
      8 - sc4, m2 x2, sc4, sc2tog
      9 - sc4, m2, sc7
      10 - sc5, m2 x2, sc5, sc2tog
      11 - sc5, m2, sc8
      12 - sc6, m2 x2, sc6, sc2tog
      13 - sc6, m2, sc9
      14 - sc7, m2 x2, sc7, sc2tog
      15 - sc7, m2, sc10
      16 - sc8, m2 x2, sc8, sc2tog
      17 - sc8, m2, sc11
      (with a 3,5 mm hook my horn was about 6,5 cm long, there is a rhythm after row 8 that you can easily recognize and that allows you to elongate and enlarge the horn as wide as you like)

    2. PLEASE NOTE in the instructions above, 'm2' means 'increase by working 2 single crochet in next stitch'
      So 'm2 x2' means 'increase in next two stiches'.
      I hope this helps.

  4. There's an unexpected outfit, late or not.

    1. Sometimes I can't help turning up 'like a bad Penny'?! :-)

  5. What a fun surprise to find you through Sepia well as to enjoy your silly costume!

  6. Very clever! Did you have a knitted battleax or spear too? My mom would have enjoyed your handiwork as she was a knitter/crocheter and also artist/art teacher. She once found a kind of thin coppery yarn that came with woven frills and she knitted me a cap out of it that resembled Harpo Marx's wild curly hair.

    1. That yarn must have been an ancestor to the yarn in my beard! :-)


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