Friday, 26 December 2008

Boxing day, or ghost of Christmas past!

Having finally managed to set myself up as an OAP Blogger yesterday morning, I was then called to the kitchen to by the knowledge that Christmas dinner needed to be prepared if I was to feed the inner man/woman even as the blog called me to feed the mind by learning something new...
At this point, the day took over and ran away with me, so it was not until this morning that I settled down to actually 'post' something. There is so much jargon to learn. I would have said simply 'to write something', but no, I have to get used to 'posting' sans paper, pen, envelope or stamp. It's only taken me about two hours to actually find where and how this very first post may be committed to screen...
All who read, pity me - it will come to you to eventually - the feeling of being overtaken by technology.
Undaunted, I shall plod on.
But not before leaving you with a poem or two...


Evening dark enfolds the waiting city.
Children dream, perhaps of Santa Claus,
while juke-box music churns its tuneless ditties
into the streets where nobody gives pause
to think of Christmas.

The midnight hour solemnly approaches;
a small group congregates in vacant pews,
their measured footsteps rythmically encroaching
upon a silence echoing with the news
of that first Christmas.

Around the crib the candlelight is flickering,
but muted organ notes cannot compete
with raucous sound of angry voices bickering
from drunken revellers outside in the street.
Can this be Christmas?

Expectant landscape waits for welcome silence,
as moon and stars continue on their way
around a world beset with wars and violence
which needs the gift of Peace as much today
as that first Christmas.

And in a completely different frame of mind, here's another offering...

Noel, noel...

Festive wreaths all spiked with holly,
mistletoe and robins (jolly):
wassail cup all spiked with gin:
crackers with no bangers in:
smelly soap and stripy socks:
same old programmes on the box:
nuts and sweets and drinks free-flowing:
paper hats, balloons for blowing.
Tempers (short) and children (tired):
evening suits and dresses (hired):
office parties, too much drink:
Father Christmas on the brink
of chimney pots with central heating:
Christmas takes a lot of beating!


And to prove some things never change, I've linked this to Poetry Pantry today,24/12/2012!


  1. Welcome to the blogging addiction! Well done you :)

  2. Well done,indeed! Hoped I'd be the first to say so but I have been " Pipped" at the "post" so to speak. Ha. Keep them poems coming. What a clever lot we are!

  3. Mutti, what a shocking pun! You've been married to that man for far too long, obviously. But yeah, go Pen! OAPs FTW* as we say on the internet!

    *Not as rude as it somehow sounds, means "For The Win" and is gen'rally a nice thing to say, promise :)

  4. Nice Christmas offerings here, Jinksy; but I must say I enjoyed thinking a lot more about the second than the first...though I know there are ills in the world. And as for the second, Christmas may take its beatings...but it never can be beaten! Smiles. Merry Christmas to you.

  5. This made me smile. I remember when I first started blogging and how labyrinthine it felt figuring out how to make my way about the design process. I drove my friend crazy asking how to do each thing........what fun avenues blogging has opened up for us, hey, kiddo? I love being able to connect with people without leaving home!

  6. what, please Pen, is an "OAP Blogger"? is this something you are adding to all of your other blogs?

    i don't for a minute believe that technology will get the better of you! besides, without it we never would have met! {smile}

    wishing you much happiness in the new year!



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