Sunday, 28 December 2008

Recycling par excellence

Despite today's being a Sunday, so far it's been an extremely busy, worthwhile day. On Christmas Eve, I joined (via computer, naturally) a local recycling site, where members can offer, or ask for, items to be freely exchanged in the interests of keeping them out of landfill. It utilises the notion of supply and demand on a grand scale. Wonderful.

In the last couple of hours, I've given away a massage table, a spinning wheel and a large number of powdered poster paints that have been waiting 'to come in handy' for far too long, and cluttering up my limited cupboard space in the meantime
There is a slight draw back. The emails containing 'Offers' or 'Wanted' adds, pile into your inbox with alarming speed and frequency, but oh!, the wonderful lightening of the burden of accumulated 'too good to throw away' goods, or, as I said, the 'come in handy' variety. Are there any perfect people out there who can admit never to have succumbed to such pitfalls?

On reflection, the very poorest of the world's inhabitants may have no concept of such luxury, of having more than they need, and this thought makes me feel very humble. Long may such recycling groups continue.


  1. Is that Freecycle? It sounds like such a great idea! I should see whether there's a local equivalent, shouldn't I... I guess we tend to sell stuff like that. You never know what people will want. We put a bunch of stuff up on an auction site when we cleared out our place in Auckland and we got hundreds of dollars for a big old wooden door that we'd been hauling round with us, from house to house, for years. Bizarre.

    I totally would've taken that spinning wheel off your hands, though, had we just lived a few thousand miles closer to one another. Who could resist that???!

  2. Ha! I was gasping at the spinning wheel too :) Must be genetic.

  3. No, the spinning wheel was mine I tell you!!!!!!!!

    We had a beautiful ebony coloured one when I was a child and it had pride of place in the lounge. All my life I have been looking to replace it as it was just abandoned in S.A. So sad.

  4. I love my FreeCycle group, too! :)


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