Sunday, 30 October 2011

Clock This!

It's an appropriate title in more ways than one on this day when the  clocks get turned back by an hour.

Instead of half six this morning, I was up and about when the clock faces were telling me it was five thirty. 

Now here's a less than perfect snap, taken  at 5.30 this afternoon, and what happened to the twelve hours in between?! Not a lot, as a good portion of it was taken up by my sneezing and blowing my nose, accompanied by sporadic swallowing of mugs of hot, fruit tea to ease the tickle of my tonsils.

This week's creative writing class came with a free gift of a cold, I think, as the tutor complained of feeling one degree under as we clustered round the tables, wielding our latest magnu(s)m* opus. Or opusses, or opi...What is the Latin plural? Tell me somebody, do.  * thanks RWP.

Anyhow, several of the time pieces scattered about the house are clever enough to  adjust themselves. But not this one. It came as a free gift with some catalogue purchase, years ago. It sits atop a wooden, six drawer storage unit, full of Useful Things, which live beside my computer. It objected to my disturbing it, as usual; I have got used to its complaints. 

After adjusting the hands, I popped its plastic dome back on, but could tell it wasn't happy, as the second hand went on a go slow, before shuddering to a grinding halt. 

"New battery needed!", says I, hopefully but unconvinced. Then I noticed the short hand had no control at all - it fell from the fifteen to the twenty five mark in a flurry of movement. So what did Jinksy do? Why, unpicked as much of it as possible, and reassembled it in reverse order. End result? Success! Its happy quartz tick is tocking merrily, and its 'arms' have now found enough strength to keep its hands under control!

I think this will have to link to Susannah's 'I Saw Sunday', don't you?


  1. I loved to hear of your timelord shenanigans!

    And I do hope that you are soon feeling better and your sneezing and tickling abates quickly. Take care of yourself. x

    Good to see you at I Saw Sunday. :-)

  2. Hope you are feeling better. I also have the same dreaded thing with swollen glands in the neck area and a hacking cough when I lie down.
    Hoping against hope that Harry won't catch it while his immune system is so low.
    I think the fact that the weather is warm one minute and freezing the next, doesn't help.
    I have my fingers crossed that I can still go to my singing group this week.
    Roll on the Spring!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  3. I have a clock with no glass; just a face and hands. It hangs at child height above my toilet. It's a grandchild magnet. Everyone has had to touch the hands. Then one hand or the other or both is loose from the shaft and hangs limply at 6. Sometimes the child is brave enough to try a repair and gets a hand in hand. The youngest grandchild is seven and it still happens. Could be her nine year old brother. It's grandma's little test.

  4. Oh dear. Creative writing classes are meant to give you skills, not germs. Hope you feel better soon.

  5. Hope you feel better soon, Jinksy. I'm dead impressed by your clock mending skills... I've got one here which could do with some expert attention when you're feeling better...

  6. I thought someone would have told you by now. I guess it's up to me.

    It isn't magnus opus, it's magnum opus and the plural is magna opera, according to Wikipedia, when speaking of music and something else, possibly magnum opi, when speaking of literature. Definitely not first declension, but it may be second or third. I wouldn't think it is fourth or fifth. But what do I know?

  7. Sorry you are not feeling well Jinksy.

    You had me scared for a moment about adjusting the clocks--next week here next week.

  8. congratulations on fixing the clock! Hope your cold goes away speedily...

  9. Jinksy will fix your clock for you.

  10. Get well soon - well done with the clock!

  11. I hope you feel better soon, you Time Whisperer.

  12. clever little blighter, aren't you?

    hope the cold is better already, but, please, keep it to yourself. I don't want it.

  13. Seems to me Jinksy you are not just a pretty face - sorry about the cold though. Glad I can't catch it through the computer, says she keeping her fingers crossed.

  14. I have decided that the entire summertime/ wintertime nonsense should be stopped!
    It shouldn't be difficult to just abolish the ridiculous idea of having to put the time an hour forward or an hour back. Could we not all agree to not move the time forward again in 6 months?

    Cute elephant ;-)

  15. Oh, and I hope you feel better soon. Hospitals and schools seem to be the best places to catch bacteria or a virus or whatever it is that makes you sneeze and cough and drip snot ;-)

  16. Sorry you are under the weather and hope you feel better soon.
    That's what I like to read - someone who is in control of time - eventually. Eddie X

  17. . . . and you've nothing to say about the spherical things that swing from side to side? What a missed opportunity to make your readers snort.

  18. Doc - not only do they not swing from side to side in this clock, they don't even twiddle round in a part circle - It's probably why it was a freebie - it didn't work properly from the word go...Sorry to have missed a snort or two...

  19. I think Blogger is snorting - I am using this as a test run to see whether my comment arrives in my mailbox as it should, as I have had email issues this morning...

  20. I hope you are feeling better soon.
    We don't adjust our clocks here in the eastern USA time zone until next Saturday (midnight).
    It always takes me some time to get used to the new time. Why isn't time left alone? :)))

  21. In Dutch , that wonderfully revolting huge bubble that small children can sneeze when they're in the middle of a big cold is called a "snottebel" .
    I'm seeing a lot of them at the moment ... in fact , my nose is tickling now .
    Hope you're better soon !

  22. Clocks, and batteries. Now we'll all get an extra hour of sleep, won't we? It seems like we just moved ours ahead not that long ago. Our household has the sneezes, and runny noses as well. Hope you're feeling up to par soon.


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