Wednesday, 5 October 2011

One Of Napple's Notions

 Indulge me people. Some days are made for waffling, at least in my world.  For the past thirteen weeks over on In Tandem I've been brightening blogland with a selection of original artworks from varying contributors (as well as myself) and several kind hearted folks have used them to spark their imaginations and have produced stories or poems as a result.

But when I'd posted this illustration, it gave me the urge to 'do a Napple' - i.e.waffle about it. I'm still getting to grips with the Bamboo tablet and pen I keep mentioning, and it's great fun to start with a doodle and see where it takes me.

Covering a large area with green-blue swirls, they reminded me of a stormy sky. Then I had a picture in my mind of those stray sunbeams that poke their sunny faces through small holes in cloud formations. But how difficult were they to reproduce?!

No chance of ever getting them to look 'real', so my mind jumped to cartoon-type representation, instead, and ended up introducing an equally fictitious city scape in the foreground.

This is the introspective side of Napple-Jinksy, who can disappear for hours at a time in some kind of limbo land of the mind. She usually emerge once she's  reached a point where the image on the screen says 'Stop!' and I come back to being me in the here and now world.

So how do you decide what to post on your blog? What gives you the push to push the keys? Are you a closet poet or painter who doesn't have enough computer know how to add your own designs to your posts? Are you into 3D crafts, but not digital photography, so your handiwork goes unseen? My curiosity knows no bounds...


  1. nothing wrong with curiosity. it's how our world expands and grows, isn't it?! love the colours you used here, so soothing. actually the whole painting is pretty darn good! keep it up!

  2. I usually just post whatever pops into my head, if it makes sense.

  3. Shadow -
    Can't help thinking of the 'dead cats/curiosity' syndrome, too...LOL

    And River -
    I know what you mean. Sometimes I have days like that, but there are many shades of 'sense' in my book...

  4. Appealing illustration Jinksy.

    Though I have a few core topics, I view myself and writing as a true variety show. I guess I just try to entertain myself.

  5. I just write what occurs to me, partly as a record for myself and partly to enjoy communicating with people all over. I'm a compulsive writer, really.

  6. Your limbo land of the mind (such a perfect phrase for the experience of getting lost inside what you are creating) has turned out yet another great painting (if it's right to call it that, given the tools you use). I seem to be very drawn to your cityscapes. I remember the last one you did caught my eye and held it quite a while as well.

    As for what makes me put fingers to the keys, you know, I think, more than anything, it's the enjoyment that comes with going to that "limbo" space you describe, then being able to share the result with any who might enjoy it.

  7. I think your so brave .... I have had a canvas for 2 years and am working up the courage to spoil it with something ! perhaps your my inspiration ( tho I think your art is fab ) LOL I mean to experiment I seem to play safe ! thanks for all your inspiration x

  8. Ideas lurk about for a bit and then I write them down. I am not sure what prompts me to write.


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