Friday, 30 November 2012


Believe it or not, I was glad I had mine with me this morning, despite the day starting at 0°C. I had a stock pile of milk bottles to take to a bottle bank, because my local dairy switched suppliers of the sterilised, skimmed milk I prefer, and their new, 500ml bottles have to be re-cycled.

You wouldn't believe how much of a nuisance this proved to be. My standing order was for three pints a week, and the bottles went back to the dairy with the milkman when they were empty.

A change to the lesser measures meant I began ordering more bottles, ergo more trips to the bottle bank. With recent weeks of wet weather, I decided to wait until my glass bottles filled the whole of my trolley,  rather than regularly ending up like a drowned rat taking a single week's worth of glass to the recycle point.

I should have counted how many clonk, crash, shatter noises I created as I slid glass containers down the chutes to meet their fate, but I didn't. Suffice it to say I had a smashing time...

The six foot high metal bins with their three Black Holes of Doom for Glass on their front slope panels, stand like sentinels on the wide pavement near Havant's former Post Office. Now it's no more than a Parcel Office which opens each morning for people to collect items the postmen haven't been able to deliver for them.

As the day crept nearer to noon, the heat of the sun was a whopping 4° (so said the BBC forecast) and I parked on the friendly bench in front of the Parcel Office to do some people watching.

A gent had hands plunged deep in trouser pockets, rouching up his windcheater and inadvertently hoisting his trousers to half mast as a result: a lady with yard long, spindly legs teetered by on huge wedge heeled ankle boots, for all the world like a  human giraffe: a young lad in a track suit wore his red laced trainers untied, and the laces were like writhing snakes up each shoe front.

Considering the low temperatures, it was surprising to see how many braved them in summer like clothing, with no more than a cardigan topper in deference to the chill - though they probably had parked their warm cars just around the corner, while they picked up their parcels, or posted their letters in the box alongside the bins.

The sun was directly facing me, and I was glad I had sunglasses in the depths of my trolley - a leftover from the last of the summer days - so there I sat, with them perched on my nose, completing the strange picture of what I was wearing - boots, jeans, duffle coat, gloves and  a thermal beanie hat! Oh, to see ourselves as others see us!


  1. I believe you, that's the sort of daft thing that would happen to me!

  2. Words of wisdom, "to see ourselves as others see us!". ;-)

    Lucky you to be able to get milk in glass bottles, delivered by a milkman to boot. And there I thought they all had gone to heaven! The organic milk I buy comes in Tetra pacs, no choice. :-(

  3. Im sooo glad our milkman picks up our empties every morning

  4. Milk delivered in glass bottles! I didn't know that still existed!
    Wonderful!! see ourselves as others see us. I wonder if I could endure the sight of me.
    Sending you love and hugs,

  5. It sounds like any scene in a small town, and especially a small town in Britain where milk is delivered in glass jugs. Miss Marple lurking?

  6. O would some power the giftie gie us to see ourselves as others see us.

  7. Nice view of your day...


  8. Enjoyed sharing part of your day and you wrote a very descriptive, interesting account.
    When the sun shines low in Winter, sunglasses are definitely needed. I find that too.
    Maggie X
    Nuts in May

  9. Fashion sense can go out the window when one is trying to keep warm! (or cool too for that matter when watching people at the beach!)

  10. Penny - I always enjoy your witty, colourful descriptive ditties that take us right along with you. You painted a humorous portrait and I can picture you sunning yourself, your sunglasses alight on your nose!

  11. I just discovered your creative notes! You've been a busy girl! Hope the new year delivers good packages!


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