Friday 11 January 2013

Is The World Ready For This?!

Hehehe! Not Armageddon, folks, merely the results of my latest absence from Blogland. Here I give you proof positive of my activity, in a nightmarish rendition of a Growling Jinksy Viking - or should that be 'Viqueen'?
I was inspired by a picture on Google, and I didn't rest until I'd tracked down a pattern by Tessa Murray which was available as a PDF downlosd from this website   

For a modest PayPal transaction, the hat pattern was with me in a twinkling of a mouse click, but the horns and the beard were another matter all together...
Eventually, a horn pattern was found here,  and a basic beard base here. 

But I added many of my own adaptations to both of these, not least of which were the 300 double strand threads which I looped onto the base to produce a beard like you never saw before! 

To make the photo as realistic as possible, I tried layering lipstick over my eyebrows, to give them a reddish tinge, but the result was strange, and I had to top that with mascara. Then in an attempted to get into the swing of things, I growled a war cry as I clicked the shutter...

The whole ensemble is now in the hands of the Post Office, as it wings its way up country to a friend who had a yen to own such a creation, and for me, it's back to the crochet hooks as my brother and sister-in-law have ordered his-'n'-hers, iron-coloured horned hats, but minus beards. If any of you thought I was mad before today, well, now you can be certain!

And it being Friday an' all, here's a late addition of 55 words for G-man!

In days of old, brave men and bold
like Vikings, fought for glory; 
but me, I stand for womenkind-
and that’s another story.
I never fight - except with words
over patterns less than perfect-
but now this headgear is complete
and I can hold my head erect
with a beard that looks all gory!



  1. whether the world is ready or not it deserves to be out there!...maybe I should make one for the next time my son is in Sweden with his company!!!love it!

  2. :-) Believe it or not, people are wearing these -- and ones that resemble lumberjacks -- on the streets.

    Strange times...


  3. Only you could create such a creature Jinksy.
    Happy New Year to you. xx

  4. Vanquish ME Broom Hilda...
    I bare my soul to your Nordic Needs
    Loved your poem
    Loved your pic
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  5. Hahahaha! That's amazing! Are you taking orders???

  6. This is so fun Jinksy ~ Thanks for the smiles and pic ~

  7. Words fail me! However......after I recovered from the unexpectedness of it..... I think you are very clever and have a great sense of humour!
    Loved the picture.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  8. it's wild and bizarre! in other words, i love it!

  9. Is that you in there??? That's one crazy beard.
    I like, "I stand for womenkind".

    Carry on!

  10. To answer your blogpost title question: no!
    But to add to that answer, it doesn't matter if the world is ready or not...'cause here she is! Love this. Love you, my friend.

  11. Help! The Viqueens are coming!! Lock up everybody!!
    Very clever and a hoot!! ~ Eddie x

  12. Be afraid - be very afraid - I am quaking in my shoes. lol

  13. You knitted a beard and horns . I understand that bit .... but why stop there ?
    You should have knitted matching bushy eyebrows , too .

  14. Replies
    1. I'm so glad you approve! Thanks for your inspiration. :)

  15. Love it!! I think you just may have inspired me to learn to knit!

    1. Erm... slight snag - it's all crochet, not knit! LOL But take heart, using one crochet hook is only half the hassle of using two knitting needles.:)

  16. Well that puts my efforts in the shade I admire your dedication in tracking down the component parts as well.

  17. Absolutely wonderful. Well worth the time.

  18. That is a mean looking Viking! You really are a creative knitter. I really like the beard.

  19. A Vi-queen for sure. Love it - do I get an invite to the coronation?


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