Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Alternative Reality?

Anyone who has noticed that I tend to play with images a lot over on Alias Jinksy, won't be surprised that I've been dabbling with those freesias that featured in a straightforward picture yesterday.
In this shot, where I skewed the camera to start with, I've add a 'bulge' feature now, and I loved the way the composition took on a new life all its own. It 'spoke' to me in a different language...I wonder if it does the same to you? Or perhaps this second variation speaks louder...


  1. Love florals...and love how we can edit photos of them; I am learning this week.
    I haven't done much on the way of photo editing, but am in the process of teaching myself/learning Photoshop. Much fun!
    Beautiful, Jinksy!!
    Love both photos!!!

  2. Great Jinksy!...are you using photoshop? or is it some other site? I am struggling with photoshop as I might get it once and by the time I try to get it again...I've forgotten!

  3. Im pleased you enjoy playing with photos like I do too - wonderful work and it makes folk to look twice.

  4. Now why aren't they sliding off that table!!!!!
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  5. Great composing! Makes a terrific image.

  6. lOVE YOUR TINKERING WITH CAMERA SETTINGS. Never be afraid to be different -- life is never boring that way.

  7. It's fun to bend the perspective. The freesias are so lovely! I can imagine their lovely scent!


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