Sunday, 10 March 2013

Not An Ordinary Day

...At least in the UK.  It's  Mothering Sunday, as it used to be called in the days when servants were allowed a whole Sunday off work in order to go and visit their families - especially their Mums. Now it's called Mother's Day, and has got commercialised to the Nth degree, with flower prices soaring and cards getting more opulent every year.

But there is still a modicum of originality at work in some places! Like on my computer screen this morning, when I opened an email from my son, for this is what it said:-

In lieu of a card and gifted, wrapped clutter,
I thought in their place these words I'd utter.

They are not mass produced you see,
Just written with love from me to thee.

You are my mum and that's a fact,
And I am me because of that. 

Who I am is because of you,
Take the credit because it's truly due.

Your gentle guidance when I was small
Has paid off now that I am so tall.

So on this Mother's Day be clear
Your number one son is grateful he's here.

Thank you Ma for being you,
I love you wholeheartedly. It's true. :-)

Megga big hugs,

No. 1 son.


My lovely No. 1 daughter was organised enough to get the postman to deliver her bundle of love to me yesterday morning, while Night Owl No. 1 son 'posted' his at 00.5 am this morning! Bless 'em both! I love 'em to bits.:-)


lime said...

very interesting. i had no idea the origins of the holiday in the uk. what a lovely surprise from your son though. happy mother's day!

Lyn said...

How perfect! How wonderful to be acknowledged by the ones we brought into the world. Love the last minute post to you... You are such a wonderful, creative, clever person Penny -- would love to have you as a mum. Enjoy your special Sunday -- it is your day after all! xxoo

Gerry Snape said...

lovely lovely!!! I'm with you on the whole commercial thingy going on!!

Jinksy said...

In that case, Lyn- I'll adopt you on the spot, as an honorary daughter! Hehehe! ♥

Jackie said...

Wonderful son and daughter you have! That message would have me in tears (of joy)...and no matter how old he is, it would go on my refrigerator!
Happy Mother's Day...

Catherine said...

Aah, it's wonderful when the grown up children make a big effort to make the day special for their Mums!

Indrani said...

I didn't know the origin. Those are beautiful lines for Moms.
If occasions are less commercialised,things could be reasonable priced.

rhymeswithplague said...

Over here Mother's Day isn't until the second Sunday in May. I wonder why yours is so early?

Very nice poem from your "No. 1 son"!

In other news, we're creeping up on another birthday rather soon, aren't we?

imac said...

Fantastic my friend, my memories were within my head and heart.

merinz said...
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merinz said...

Sorry - made a spelling mistake in the previous comment.
Now that is one son with talent and a sense of humour. Like you I dislike the commercialism that has crept into Mothers and Fathers Days.