Monday, 9 September 2013

Not Exactly An Alarm Clock

But it could definitely awaken a sleeper, that's for sure.  Just after half past eight this morning, there had been many 'noises off' which alerted me to the fact that Work was In Progress around The Lampost I mentioned earlier. However, when a whining shriek set my teeth on edge, I had to open the front door to see what made it... It was one of these babies. It might look like a docile snail on a lead, but believe me, when in action, a banshee would be more melodious.

And below is the shot my camera captured a few moments later, after  the original noisy snail had been discarded as 'faulty', and an obliging workman had let me snap it's replacement for your delight.

You can see the hole was a fair size, but in his wisdom, the workman was cutting out at least another square foot (or two) of tarmac to make it bigger... Apparently, this was to remove imperfections in the surrounding surface, to ensure the final joint with the infill patch would be as strong as possible.

Yes, I'd asked him lots of questions, poor man!

You must forgive the  seemingly huge bell and clapper in the foreground corner - it was too wet underfoot for me to step out on the path  to get a better view, but I did trot upstairs to see if my bathroom window would give a clearer one, but sadly, it didn't... But quite why one workman is crouching in that distant spot, is anybody's guess.


  1. Tonight there will be light . . . maybe.

    I reckon the crouching workman is saying, 'Right a bit, left a bit, that's it, right there.'

    1. Oh, we've had the light for the past three nights, thanks, despite the hole! It's pale and starry and a touch fairylike. :)

  2. What I notice looking at this last picture is that 1.) those are the same vests worn here in Minnesota, and 2.) someone seems to have stolen the steering wheel from that truck.

    Always grabs my attention.



  3. Full marks for observation, m'dear. Right hand UK drives all tend to have have that missing feeling for those who live across the pond...

  4. Just the sound of those electric saw will cut your heart out.

    We once had a resurfacing project that involved cutting up the old pavement with huge saws like that, for thirty six hours. Not straight through, either. Three night jobs under lights.

    I did not sleep. I thought I would be mad by the third night. I called my local representative, in order to start with his head. He was happy to tell me, and hundreds more, it had finished the previous night.

  5. yours not to reason why, yours but to accept and smile resignedly.

  6. Ahh I've awakened too many morning with loud noises of construction. my old place and new. Renovations everywhere. I hope your mornings are more peaceful from here on in. Fun post.

  7. It must be nice to have lights in the street. We have no light and no sidewalk here – it is light only when there is a moon, and if we walk on the side of the street, we hope the cars won’t hit us….


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