Monday, 7 October 2013

Excuses, excuses...

This is what has been keeping me from blogging - thirteen balls of yarn bought specially to see how big the blanket would be when I'd used as much of them as was humanly possible. Why? for no more good reason than that they were a bargain and the colours delighted me.

It's a work in progress, and towards the top left of the photo, you can see  a pink edged square in the latest row under construction when I stopped to take the photo. I was hoping to make every square different, but the blanket is now so large, I've inadvertently duplicated one or two without realising. It will be a brave  person who seeks to find them!

By my reckoning another twenty two squares would make a reasonable 6' x 4' coverlet, if the yarn I have left will stretch that far. Time will tell...


  1. Well that's as cool and cozy and colourful and creative an excuse as any.

  2. I have one similar my grandmother made many years ago.....It is so warm in the winter. Yours is beautiful and filled with warm colors for cold winter nights!1 :)

  3. Lovely colours. That will be a lovely blanket to snuggle under on a cold and dark winter's eve.

  4. I cannot wait to see it! I started a winter scarf this afternoon...with my arthritis I may have it done by next winter lol! Really.. show us your progress!

  5. So this is what put a blanket on your blogging!!
    Very impressive - but hey, the winter is coming can I have one? LOL
    Hugs ~ Eddie

  6. Beautiful granny squares by a beautiful (on the inside and outside) granny!

  7. I remember when Mom used to crochet as part of the missionary group at the church. I'm not sure if the missionaries or the missioned ones needed them.


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