Tuesday, 3 May 2016

What wiped out the Dinosaurs?

That's a question that has long been asked, with answers being as many and varied as the number of people searching for them. The answers, I mean, not the dinosaurs. They, or their remains, still turn up occasionally to add to our amazement at the window on the past which science and technology open wide.
But I've discovered an equally tantalizing question with no immediate answer. What happened two or three years ago in Blogland? Did a flaring sun spot contribute to the mass black out of Blogger's computer networks? Did a host of typing fingers get RSI in one fell swoop, enough to make their owners quit posting? Or did the ever expanding Twitter and Facebook consume Bloggers whole, swallowing them up in shoals like basking sharks swallowing plankton?

Alas, alack!
Oh, please come back
my former Bloggy friends.
Re-crank your brains and start again -
"Keep blogging to the end!"

I urge you troopers one and all.
Don't let your Muses stifle.
Set to at once, create a post,
though it be but a trifle,
and keep alive creative flames
as through ideas you rifle!!!

And just to add a bit of colour, here's a fancy crochet corner on one of the cushions which kept my fingers away from my keyboard for months.
Thanks go to Dedri Uys for the inspiration which consumed my every waking hour until I'd followed her Sophie's Garden to the centre of her Universe!
Click the links, if you have no idea what I'm talking about. :-)


  1. I've been wondering the same thing. Some old favourites I used to follow have not posted for two, three or even more years. Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging which is something of a cliche but true, nonetheless.

  2. I do understand that, but how can it be so universal, that two years ago Bloggers quit en masse?! Who put out their lights?!

  3. Or maybe Blogging was getting in the way of Life . . . the bloggers I miss most are that mad Welsh couple, look you, from Abergele. What were their names again?

    1. I'm no good with names... You'll have to remind me!

  4. Bloggers come and bloggers go
    Perhaps it's off to get much fitter
    We can ponder hard, but this I know
    They're found today on Facebook and on Twitter.

    1. Hehehe! Thanks for commenting in appropriate manner. :-)

  5. Hello, again, Jinksy! :-)
    I am so glad you are baaaaack!
    Love the tie and the peak at your cushion corner, beautiful both.
    I also wonder where some of the bloggers went. I know from a few former bloggers who are now in Instagram. Apparently that's BIG now, people collecting likes and comments like crazy apparently. I have resisted to join there, I am still blogging on, my eleventh year now.

    1. Eleven years?! You deserve a medal for that, m'dear. Here's to another eleven years of your beautiful photos and apt words. :-)

  6. This old Tyrannosaurus Rex is still around . . . . just . . .lol
    Yes, shame a lot of bloggers have gone . . . some to facebook, but many retired alas . . . a lot seem busy and not able to devote much time to it . . . :)

  7. What wiped the dinosaurs? The thought of Donald Trump becoming president of the USA. They decided to leg it before the end of the world. :-)

    Greetings from London.

  8. I too notice a dip in number of bloggers who were active 5 to 6 years back. Some have given up and some moved on to FB. Many new bloggers have arrived and I do see them active.
    Thank you so much for your visit to my blog. 2016 August I will complete 9 years of blogging! :)


  9. Yay! How lovely to see you back again! I have missed your ponderings.

    And the crocheting is amazing, I love all the colours. Your bro thinks so too. xx

    1. I've now made two attempts at a reply via email, but in case the second didn't work, this is a belt and braces job to thank you for dropping by! LOL xx

  10. I think Facebook is to blame. I really miss all my *oldies* and I'm so glad you came back!
    Love your crocheting. I knit all the time!
    Maggie x

  11. Here I am again, Jinksy, several months late (as usual)!

    The road you describe runs in both directions, by which I mean you haven't visited me and I haven't visited you, and more's the pity. Let's turn over a new leaf and get re-acquainted!

    A couple of bloggers I have missed are Dr. John Linna of Neenah, Wisconsin, and David (Putz) Barlow of Tooele, Utah....

    1. Better late than never, RWP :-) I'll have to lock up all my crochet hooks, then my fingers ccould do a daily (???? I jest ????) workout on my keyboard instead!

  12. Helloooooo, anyone home?
    Missing you, hoping you come back, now that the days are shorter and the evenings longer.
    Warm hugs,

  13. I am also wondering about you .. miss you!


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