Saturday, 16 June 2018

Brain teaser?

I have wasted the better part of an afternoon, thanks to Google's latest hang up about 'improving security'. When it gets to the point where one's own blog is SO secure, it stops the rightful owner in his or her tracks, surely, that way madness lies...
I am indebted to an Olde Bloggy pal for calling up memories from the past, when Blogland was alive and well, as opposed to being locked behind security fences that would baffle MI5 - or do I mean MI6 ?
In desperation, I am opting to attempt a new post, even though it be nought but a last gasp from a frustrated blogger...


  1. I pray it is not a last gasp but a fresh breeze blowing. I am so honoured to be the Olde Bloggy pal in question that I have spelled honoured in the British fashion. It is a feeble maneuver, er, manoeuvre, er, m’noovr on my part, but reading your resurrected blog again makes it all worth it.

    1. Bless you for all your variations on English spelling such as true Englishmen recognise, RWP. :-)

  2. Hurrah! Here I am recognized as Jinksy. What joy! Google Chrome has me down as toffee nose Penelope.

  3. Well done! Google doesn't know me from Adam. I used to be SmitoniusandSonata before security metrics took over.

  4. Me ha gustado tu blog mas amenudo lo visitare.


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