Thursday, 3 December 2009

Surprise, Surprise!

Even though it's heading towards my bedtime, I'm so excited, I had to do a 'mini blog'! I've just noticed, all your pretty pictures are back beside each comment, instead of only the first five lucky comers! Has Blogger seen the error of his ways, or has he decided to be kind to jinksy? It's a bit late in the day for me to begin dashing around visiting to see if you've been similarly blessed, but here's hoping, when I do, that the pretty pics will adorn each and every Bloggy Pal's Posts, as in days of old...
Let's hope it's more than a mere flash in the pan, and that you'll all still be in situ in the morning.

Oh, and while I'm here, I'd like to bring something else to everybody's notice:-

Very helpful advice that Braja kindly put in one of her blogcomments, which applies to so many of you whose comments arrive in our inboxes with the annoying '' showing as the sender:-

" is the address that your comments are sent from. You haven't designated an email address so that anyone can reply. It blocks communication.
Go to your profile. Click on Edit profile, and then choose the third box down, Show My Email. Simple."

Your email address doesn't actually show on your blog, so you're not giving any secrets away, but it does allow an instant reply to comments you leave around Blogland. Here's to many more days of Blogland Fun & Frolic, folks...sleep tight - or sober, come to think of it...

A Very Late, Explanatory PS, following Crystal Jigsaw's comment:-

Well, if , like me, you ask to be notified when a comment is left on any of your posts, then you get an email showing it to you; you don't need to go back to your blog to read it. But if, also like me, you like to send answers back to the one who commented, that's where the problems begin. With some people (the ones who haven't ticked the box), when you check the 'Properties ' on the drop down 'File' list, you see the email came from ''. If you click 'Reply', in the mistaken idea you'll be 'talking' to your Blogpal who left the comment - Wrong! Your reply will only be going into the wide blue nowhere! Once the box Braja mentioned is ticked, your replies actually get sent back to your Blogpal. I suppose it's only annoying to people like me, who always like to carry on a chat 'behind the scenes' when the comment is one I'm dying to answer, either with a funny quip, or a sympathetic sentence, or sometimes an answer to a relevant query. Hope this explains it better?


  1. Yesterday the blogs that I follow went AWOL. Today they have returned. Some blogs don't display the pictures. It all seems to be a bit hit and miss. I haven't the foggiest how it all works but technology is wonderful when it works!

  2. Well, I'll be. That's pretty darned helpful.


  3. Thanks for the tip Jinksy. Now get to bed! : )

  4. That was annoying...having only the first 5 showing...hope it's back to stay!

  5. jinksy, I too hope it is back for good but who really knows with blogger....glad you informed those concerning e-mailing....they may be a bit computer challenged as I am but you have explained it beautifully. I really chuckled over your e-mail today and the sheep...Luv ya
    .....:-) Hugs

  6. I hope that the pictures are here to stay.
    I went to Blogger to 'complain'...but 'person' to talk with. I just hoped that someone who works at Blogger actually HAD a blog and would eventually notice.
    Smiles from Jackie

  7. I don't really know what you mean. I've seen the box but wasn't sure what it's for.

    Hope you get a good night's sleep!

    CJ xx

  8. The e-mail thing is nice to have handy. I don't always reply as readily to comments as someone nice like you does, Jinksy, but when I want to reply with something important, it's awfully cool to have the person's addy right there.

    I love seeing what folks look like, too (or, at least, what they've chosen for an avatar.)

  9. Oh Jinksy, after all that complicated computer talk my brain hurts. Glad your computer is behaving itself, hope it has seen the error of its ways. Sleep well and have a good weekend.

  10. Hurrah!!! Now maybe I'll add that feature to my comments...didn't want to while it was malfunctioning...Not sure if I get the checkmark in the box thingie...does that enable me to send comments to people who have the noreply next to them? Will have to play around with that!!! Thanks for the terrific advice!!! You are not only a wonderful poet, but you are internet savvy!!! ~Janine XO

  11. This is for you, Janine...
    It's the people whose blog comments produce emails which show as being sent from '' who are the ones that need to check THEIR boxes!

  12. I know some haven't done that and if you want to thank them, without actually doing it on their comment section of their blog, you can't, because there is no e-mail address attached. Have a great Sunday. I visited with my Mom today and we had a great afternoon.

  13. Oh Jinksy, you are such a help! I'd seen that I know how to fix it! Thanks to you and and our pal Braja...and glad the pics are working out, too!
    Have a wonderful Sunday

  14. I changed my settings sometime after the last time you posted about it. I knew that my email was hidden and was like that by choice. I tend to follow up where I leave comments by using the "subscribe by email" option. But it hadn't occurred to me that folks were emailing to nowhere thinking that they were reaching me. So you made me do it! Thanks for that.

    Now if you get rid of that pesky word verification we can call it a draw. ;)

  15. They're back? I'll have to check on that. ireloaded my widget for it and they still didn't pop up!


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