Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Is Second Time Twice As Nice?

Because the ensuing verses appeared a year ago, do I need to apologise for the repeat? Only two brave bloggers (Lee and Fletch) came to call, so now there's a chance more of you will get the picture. I could start from scratch, and churn out another little ditty on the same subject, but why waste a ready made poem which only needs a bit of dust blowing away before it looks as good as new?

In fact, it makes me giggle a bit, as I feel like Nurse administering a dose of unpleasant medicine. ('Open wide! Yes, you will swallow it this time!', as she clamps the jaws closed...) Only in my case, I'm attacking your eyeballs, before they become too bloodshot from an overindulgence at the New Year's Eve shindig you may be contemplating attending. ('Yes, you will read my words as I hold them under your nose for the second time.' Hehehe...)

Of course, there may be some who get no further than the word 'verses'; they may flee in haste to cower in a darkened room, muttering 'Oh,no!Not more versification!' as they hold their hands over their eyes before they get mesmerised into reading further against their will. In that case, I believe the relevant phrase is 'tough titty'.

I know we've only reached 30th December here at the moment, but as Blogland works on its own peculiar time scale, I think it's close enough to New Year's Eve to get this out of my system today, in more ways than one, if you follow my drift? If not, you'll only put it down to my oddball thinking, and won't worry as to what I meant. I know what I meant, and that's the main thing, no? No? Okay...I shan't argue. Here it is then, for the second time around.

New For Old

Seasons roll forward,
Earth spins onward
in its elliptical round.

Old Year to New Year,
time’s cogs change gear.
Bells herald it with their sound.

Flaunting its drab gown,
Old Year winds down,
greeting the year that’s to come.

Wipe all the slates clean,
then dream a new dream.
Happy New Year everyone!


  1. that was delightful! happy new year, jinksy!

  2. OMGosh mother often used that same ""relevant phrase"" made me think of her and hear her voice...Thank you!

    Your last verse is a wonderful way of entering the new year.
    Happy New Year to you, Jinksy!

  3. jinksy thanks for the medicine!!! just kidding you . . . that was a lovely little piece of writing. i'm actually loking forward to writing 2010 on the board at school! enjoy your year's end. steven

  4. A happy new year to you, Jinksy. I happen to like and look forward to your versifying. Ah, that last one may not be a word but nevertheless...

  5. It's perfectly acceptable to repeat a post. I always put "From the archives" in the title line....

    And I really like the poem!

  6. I should say I usually put "From the archives" in the title line, because I didn't my post for today. It is slightly altered from its original form, so I suppose it's not truly "from the archives" after all, but it is certainly reminiscent of the archives....

  7. Yes, time to dream a new dream! You just passed bon-bons here, sweet morsels of delight, to taste the past and dream for the future.
    I raise my glass.

  8. not another bloody poem!

    Jinksy, since I've started this blogging lark I've realized that I'm not the only poetry nutter. thank goodness for such as you and thank you very much for your good wishes. a happy new year to you too.

    I am not sure that I'll get the dust completely off the old one, I'm a bit old and feeble myself, but I've got the new dress waiting to slip over the old one, let's hope nobody recognizes the re-cycling.

  9. And there’s a hand my trusty friend!
    And give us a hand o’ thine!
    And we’ll take a right good-will draught,
    for Auld Lang Syne.

    Happy 2010 to you, and to all your visitors ...

  10. Thank you for the New Year's poem and the chuckles which led up to it. :) Wishing you and yours all the very best for the year to come.. and beyond.

  11. Happy New Year my enjoy your post especially your poems, looking forward to blogging with you in 2010.......:-) Hugs

  12. And a very happy new year to you too, Jinksy - here's to another year of reciprocal blogging.

  13. And a really happy new year to you. The poem is fine and absolutely deserves another run 0r two, or three or...

  14. Well, I for one didn't catch it first time around! Thankyou. And Happy New Year.

  15. That one went down with a spoon full of sugar..
    That is beautiful, jinksty.
    I haven't read it before (as noted above)...most of us haven't...and it is absolutely delightful!
    "Times cogs change gear..." Yes...and onward we move toward 2010.
    Happy New Year to you, my friend.
    Smiles to you from Jackie

  16. Cheers, Jinksy! Twice is nice! Loved it. Happy New Year!

  17. Have a good year Jinksy,much love,Gee

  18. I'm glad you dusted it off. Since I had not seen it before, it was new to me. You have a great way with words. They seem to dance to your tune.

  19. HA HA love the phrase "tough titty" and the poem.
    Been under the weather for two weeks but getting a little better and catching up on my reading.

    Happy New Years

  20. That was worth a second time around:)) I loved it and wish you a very Happy New year with tons of miracles waiting for you:))

  21. Ahhh...don't which I like better...the ready wit that precedes this perfectly constructed verse or the verse itself!!! Only YOU, dear Jinks, would think to conjure up images of nurse and nasty syrup when reposting...Your analogy and description are an absolute delight!! And I am in awe of the way you wield your poetic pen...such beautiful attention to poetic form and masterful word "fencing." It is ALWAYS a joy to visit with you!! So glad you reposted! Love, Janine XO

  22. Delightful little poem. My husband likes Wipe all the slates clean but I don’t think I can do that. We went on many trips this past year and I still need to write posts on them – if I clean my slates – my blog will be blank, no? Happy New Year to you dear Jinsky (hugs.)

  23. Well now, I'm number 25 this time around, so you've increased your comments by 1150%!

    Happy New Year, Jinksy!

  24. Lovely poem.

    Thanks for popping into my blog.

    Bonne Année from The Other Side of Paris!


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