Saturday, 19 July 2014

Second Childhood?!

I was delighted today to discover this gem, which I remember having first heard as a child. The reader, David Davies, was a relatively young man then, but it wasn't until technology had grown to include tape recorders, that the BBC issued a recording for sale, by which time, it's clear, that Mr Davies had aged- as had we all! But the recording still holds magic of a very special kind, which I hope you will appreciate... *smiles*


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

I remember David Davies and sitting glued to the radio during Children's Hour ... that weird smell of dust from the set !

Kate said...

Ah yes, the emories of the children's stories we were told. I can still hum the music that announced the radio Children's Request Session on Sunday evenings. Such magic.

Stella Jones said...

Lovely to see you again Jinksy. The elephant's child is delightful isn't it. Happy Birthday to your brother. He will be in company with my Larry who has also just recently joined the 70 club.