Thursday, 16 April 2015

Flown Time

From the back end of last year until Mother's Day 2015, time the sense of speeding along, not magnifying to 150% of the norm. THAT might have been useful, eh?  Imagine...each day could have been thirty six hours, which would have allowed us six hours to fit in all the things we know we should have done, in hindsight, but didn't.

My computer, which No.1 Son dubbed 'Sparkle' when he first gave me the Magic Box (you can tell, I'm no Technophobe!), took it into its head to Sparkle less. This resulted in many hours of frustration on my part, as the screen took longer and longer to live up to its name.

Blogging became more of a hassle than a fun playtime, so I switched my creative urges to the world of wool and whimsy, and knitted, crocheted and sewed  to my hearts content.

But now I've invested in a new, super slim, all singing, all dancing hp screen which Sparkle rejoices in as much as I, and the call of Blogger has been heard loud and clear. "Jinksy! Come back, all is forgiven!" So here I am. Older, little wiser, but in the mood to carry on waffling again.

Must have been the delicious perfume of those white hyacinths that's gone to my head, or perhaps it's simply that Spring is in the air, and the sap is rising...


  1. Glad you are able to converse again in Cyberland and I too share in Sparkle's rejoicing that you are back . . . . all is forgiven but don't do it again . . . . lol

    Thanks again for Peter's beautiful crocheted blanket ~ he loved it . . . :) x

  2. So pleased you're back. Bogland has changed somewhat, don't you think? Many people seem to be missing.

    I've seen some of your crochet wonders over at Ed's place. Really lovely!

    There's nothing quite like the sniff of a hyacinth.... and they look lovely too!
    Maggie x

  3. Welcome back, Jinksy! We've kept it nice and tidy for you out here!


  4. Thought of you lately, maybe because it was recently your birthday if I remember correctly. I must have a working computer.

  5. This is great news! The Sparkle is back in our lives as well as in yours.


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