Thursday 17 December 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Isn't everybody? I've certainly not had time to post anything for a bit, as the emails sparked off by all the recent commenters have kept me typing merrily away, with nothing to show for it on the Blogpage! PLUS - the Christmas card-making bug bit me at last on Sunday, and I turned into a mini production line. There are still a few paper offcuts at my feet to prove it - the ones small enough to fall through the holes of my woven waste paper basket.

Now I've assuaged that overpowering creative urge, I have time to play with you all again. It's coming up to the first anniversary of my moving to Blogland, and I think I may do a slight action replay of my first tentative steps into this wonderful world. How funny does this Boxing Day 2008 offering sound, now?

Having finally managed to set myself up as an OAP Blogger yesterday morning, I was then called to the kitchen by the knowledge that Christmas dinner needed to be prepared if I was to feed the inner man/woman even as the blog called me to feed the mind by learning something new...
At this point, the day took over and ran away with me, so it was not until this morning that I settled down to actually 'post' something. There is so much jargon to learn. I would have said simply 'to write something', but no, I have to get used to 'posting' sans paper, pen, envelope or stamp. It's only taken me about two hours to actually find where and how this very first post may be committed to screen...
All who read, pity me - it will come to you to eventually - the feeling of being overtaken by technology.
Undaunted, I shall plod on.

And plod on I have, ever since! I apologise in advance to my far flung family, who were the only ones who read and commented on this initial post, but old people are renowned for repeating themselves, so why should I break the habit?!

And it seems like the right time to include this in the mix, too, for sadly it is just as pertinent today as when I wrote it initially.


Evening dark enfolds the waiting city.
Children dream, perhaps of Santa Claus,
while juke-box music churns its tuneless ditties
into the streets where nobody gives pause
to think of Christmas.

The midnight hour solemnly approaches;
a small group congregates in vacant pews,
their measured footsteps rhythmically encroaching
upon a silence echoing with the news
of that first Christmas.

Around the crib the candlelight is flickering,
but muted organ notes cannot compete
with raucous sound of angry voices bickering
from drunken revellers outside in the street.
Can this be Christmas?

Expectant landscape waits for welcome silence,
as moon and stars continue on their way
around a world beset with wars and violence
which needs the gift of Peace as much today
as that first Christmas.


  1. You became an accomplished blogger very quickly. Fine poem too, you young upstart.

  2. I thought you had been blogging much longer than that. You did get launched very quickly.

    The poem is lovely.

    Nuts in May

  3. Well Jinksy, I went back to read a few more of your earlier posts and found this lovely verse from the poem SHOES you wrote! I love it!

    "But when it's dark and time for bed,the slippers on my feet have many tiny twinkling lights, so I dance instead of sleep!"

    Perfect for Christmas!

  4. Isn't this fun? We are learning new skills and meeting new challenges head on. There are blogs with all kinds of gadgets. I do not have much memory on this computer; so, simple is better for my sanity and the health of the hardware. Carry on.

  5. I recall reading your first post and immediately became addicted, sitting for hours until I caught up to the present one that you had posted that day. You're a good one, Jinksy. Keep 'em coming and I'll wish you a happy holiday now since I may not 'see' you between now and Christmas, the day of celebration of love.

  6. I missed this the firt time around, thank you for sharing again.....I too thought you had been blogging much longer, you have added much to my blogging life Ms. Jinsky and I am proud to call you friend......:-) Hugs

  7. Great! I know what you mean. No time lately. And memories of those early posts are so fun. I believe in recycling! And this was definitely a great 'post' to recycle! ♥

  8. Happy blogging anniversary wishes will be coming your way...:)) What a milestone, jinksy.
    You are a wonderful writer. I've enjoyed your poems very much. Receive a great big hug and warmest congratulations from me to you, my friend.

  9. Jinksy

    Happy forthcoming anniversary! Your posts are a must. I look forward to reading many more as you cruise into your second year of blogging.

  10. Way too busy, yes. And not just the time of year, either...wonderful poem tho' :)

  11. Hello Jinksy,

    Happy Blogoversary! It is amazing how the mysteries unfold as we become more conversant with this medium. I appreciate your reposting your first foray and thank you particularly for the poem.

  12. you make me think.............................................boxing day.......................................pen pals, paper pen envelope first blogged to me included.....................santa?????????????but no............................................pews..................................................jesus our savior

  13. Isn't it interesting how easily we end up using this medium, when it seems such a scary mystery at the beginning? Happy Christmas Jinksy, and hoping for many more fine poems to come.

  14. I loved to read about your introduction to Blogland. My first entry anniversay is still several months away.

    But I loved the poem!

    As the Blessed Day approaches, I wish you a sincere Merry Christmas!

  15. It is indeed a busy time. Yesterday I wrote a post and shan’t write one for a few days so I can read all the posts I have missed of my blogging friends, because of being too busy. Almost a year of blogging for you and by February you had written more than I have since March! You wrote 60 in two months and me 50 posts in 10 months! But you have a gift with words and it takes me a while to write a paragraph. Thanks for your nice comments on my blog. Here is the email address connected with my blog: Have a Merry Christmas!

  16. well done jinksy!!!! i love the poem. have a lovely day. steven

  17. Happy blogiversary, dear friend!! This poem is incredibly powerful! I think it is one of my very, very favorites...the rhythm, structure and message all blend together to make a lyrical and poignant piece! As ever, I am in awe of your poetic talent!!! Merry Christmas, dear friend! Love, Janine XO

  18. Lovely poem and I thought you had been at this much longer. Have a Merry Christmas if I don't talk to you via blogging before then.

  19. The poem is so appropriate.

    Congratulations on your blog anniversary! I am not sure how you found the time to start a blog at Christmas.

  20. Wow, you only started blogging last year? I thought you'd been going longer than that, too! I remember those feelings you describe in your first post.

    The poem - sadly - is all too true, and will remain true. We will ALWAYS need peace as much as that first Christmas because man is a confrontational and belligerent creature.

  21. As I've mentioned before, I am always at a bit of a loss to interpret the nuances of poetry. Janine (of Sniffles and Smiles) has mentioned 'rhythm' and 'structure', both of which elude me, but I DO get the 'message'!

    I've posted something similar for this Christmas, but I suspect our 'leaders' will be far too busy pursuing their own self-importance to actually read the blogs of ordinary people whose muted screams of despair can be heard worldwide!

  22. I had forgotten that we started our blogs at the same time last year. I'm so glad we found each other somehow in this endless cyber world.

  23. Time truly flies!

    Very happy that you found your way into blogworld and that you found me ;-)

  24. Congratulations on your blogiversary! You're one of my favorite stops, as you know. So glad you made yourself available!

    Merry Christmas!

  25. Wonderful poem and congrats on your anniversary :)

    Have a great Christmas

    Kate xx

  26. lovely poem and congratulations on your anniversary

  27. Your poem, unfortunately, is timeless. Perhaps one day we'll see the peace and you can revise.

    Much love to you, Penny, and your family. Put your feet up and let that durned turkey cook itself!

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  29. Congrats on your anniversary, Jinksy! Your reflection has motivated me to dig into your older posts! I don't think technology has "overtaken" you; I think you've taken over IT because how often do you see such eloquently written prose out here in blogland?

    Wishing you many more happy anniversaries!


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