Friday, 1 January 2010

Even A Fairy Can Live In Hope

A Salutary Tale

I'm a forlorn Christmas Fairy,
tied to the top of a tree.
I've been here already for over a week
but nobody notices me.

Below my skirts tiny lights twinkle
and pretty things hang all around
but the needles keep pricking
my poor fairy feet -
I wish I had both on the ground!

I flutter my wings with excitement.
It does me no good, you'll agree
for they tethered me fast
with a thread round my waist.
Oh, how I long to be free!

I know all too soon
the Twelve Days will be past,
and the tree will be carried away.
I shall be bundled into a big box,
to wait until next Christmas day.

It's really no life for a fairy,
just waiting or hanging around.
I might give a wave of my magical wand -
Why, yes! What and idea I've found!
I'll wish that next year they'll forget about me,
and stick up a star on the top of their tree!

Then I'll fly off to Fairyland on Christmas Eve
when toys everywhere spring into life,
and who knows, I may even surprise myself
and make some Christmas elf a good wife!


  1. Awww poor fairy. I hope she's more comfortable now.
    Jinksy, I popped in to wish you a Happy New Year. May your personal sun shine brightly in the coming months.

  2. An excellent idea, excellently carried out - the sort of thing that I would never think of doing, but wish I had. Have a brilliant New Year.

  3. aaaw, farewell christmas fairy, until next year...

  4. Poor fairy!
    Ours didn't even make it out of the loft this year, no one around at the right time to help get the box down. Oh how sad is that?
    Love Granny

  5. The poor thing is miserable in Tinsel Town. ;)

    Happy New Year, my friend. :)

  6. Wonderful bit of writing. I love it. I wish my grandaughter were here so I could read it to her. I hope the poor little fairy gets a break and the let her to to fairyland soon.

  7. Just before Christmas, on TV, Ricky Tomlinson (of the Royle Family) told a wonderful, hilarious, naughty story of how the tree-fairy got there! I will post a weblink only if you respond to this comment . .

    Best wishes, anyway, for 2010 . . and your blogging.

  8. oh jinksy this is very clever and very well done! i'd better not let my daughter read this though as she gets very carried away into all sorts of sorriness when she finds out their's inequity of any sort! have a lovely day. steven

  9. We have two Christmas trees, an eight-footer in the keeping room and a four-footer in the "fwah-yay" but neither one has a fairy on top, or even a star. We go in for angels ourselves, and even better if they're playing a musical instrument. In fact, the big tree is covered with the darned, er, cute things. But I love your poem about the forlorn Christmas fairy tied to the top of a tree. Next thing we know you'll be writing about nightingales and rose thorns and little princes and become "an overnight success"....

  10. .. l see there is still some christmas sparkle around jinksy!!!

    happy days

  11. Alas the poor fairie returns to the box! Enchanting tale, jinksy and you had a marvelous tree this year ;)

  12. I'd like to fly off with that fairy too, to fairyland, please. I'm not finished with Christmas either.
    Happy New Year to you.
    Blessings, Star

  13. too cute. what a fun little verse.

    wishing you the very best in 2010, jinksy!

  14. This is great! Reminds me of a story I wrote when in university about a star that fell to earth and became the tree top, but he really wanted to be back in the big sky.

  15. AWWW! Lovely fairy, stay a bit longer. We'll miss you, miss you very much.

    How you enchant us!

    Happy New Year, dear Penny.

  16. You are so clever...what a writer you are, jinksy. I can't, I come to places of people who can. I love it here.
    I'm feeling sorry for the fairy...and wish she could flutter everywhere and never have to stay in the box and wait. Perhaps Mr. Elf is looking for her now!
    Smiles from Jackie

  17. I wrote one on the same theme some years ago, but my poor fairy actually did end up in the garbage! I'll resurrect it next Christmas!

  18. May the Christmas Fairy's fondest dream come true!

  19. Happy New Year to you and your fairy!

  20. To fly away with your little fairy – what a beautiful dream. Thanks for this delightful little poem and best wishes for many more inspiring little poems in 2010.


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