Monday, 6 September 2010

Any Visitors...

Who think I'm still asleep, can find me taking a trip on the Poetry Bus here, but I may be back home before bedtime if the journey is a short one! TTFN, folks...

Afternoon! I have popped back long enough to explain that this photograph is one I took of my TV screen, during a programme about China. I was curious to know how such an experiment might turn out.
I now have proof that the results could have been  extremely satisfactory - if only I'd put the camera on a tripod. Clicking the shutter while holding the camera in my hands, was enough to make many of the shots a little fuzzy, which was a pity, as this one proves how effective they might have been, had I taken a little more care.

This got me thinking about some of the poems I've been reading around Blogland, over the past few days. Many struck me as having similar fuzzy edges to them, and I've been wondering why.  I think often, a disregard for basic rules of language contribute to the feeling of unease, coupled with what seems to be a deliberate attempt to 'be clever' poetically. Sometimes this seems to me, to push the meaning of a poem into obscurity. Should meaning only depend on the reader's interpretation, by-passing the poet's intent completely? The corollary would appear to be, it doesn't matter what a poet writes, as only the reader gives it life...Wonder what you think?


  1. With a scene like I would not like to be rudely awakened. Beautiful colors

  2. You are doing some virtual traveling lately my friend. Happy travels. I will check out the link.

  3. I always assume it's my failure that some poems seem completely incomprehensible. They probably are 'clever' but there has to be structure. I certainly can't give them life otherwise. Shouldn't they stand unsupported, though?
    I like your screen photo - very romantic.

  4. Jinksy, dear, you already know my opinion but I'll repeat it: there is an awful lot of rubbish around; the rules of poetry, the poor command of language, the lack of accessibility, the woolly imagery, all make me think never to attempt any of it myself.

    But I have, if only very, very rarely, and my efforts have been as pathetic as the next blogger's.

    The thing is, it's fun. Provided we (and I don't include you in this royal form of pronoun) don't take ourselves seriously, it doesn't really matter all that much. This is blogging and blogging is a frivolous pursuit which should allow us bloggers to indulge ourselves.

    We don't have to read what we don't like.

    I would take issue with you calling most of the efforts you come across in blogland 'poetry'. Still, I would always try to 'understand' the poet. If the reader doesn't get the poet's intent he/she probably hasn't given the work much attention or thought. We don't like the idea that our work isn't appreciated as we would wish, of course, but sadly, that is surely often the case.

  5. Friko, I would dispute that anything you have written could be classed as pathetic! And I use the term 'poetry' loosely, as that seems to be the word most Bloggers choose when referring to their writing. My own understanding of a poem, is something else again...but that's another story.

  6. Well Jinksy, if you read the definition of poetry on my blog, which I can't remember since it is there and I am over here, you will get a pretty good idea of my writing. I have never studied poetry and do not call myself a poet but I just put down how I feel and it comes out, like it comes out. That's all I know about it. I agree with your idea of alternating the motions I use with my hands and wrists. The HOT stuff helps a lot.

  7. I kind of like it a bit fuzzy - the picture and the poems. But I don't usually like 'clever' obscure poetry - to me a poem has to be accessible enough to offer something to interest/move/amuse even a casual reader or listener, but offer enough space (or maybe 'fuzziness') to reward a more demanding/interested/hungry audience too!

  8. It probably takes both blur and precision, and there is no saying whether it will be for you or someone else until you encounter it.

    Sometimes it is because there is a blur that we notice color and light in a new way, and sometimes it is precision that brings home again how spectacular intricacy can be.

    Both are beautiful in different ways, and different hearts need different input in the same way that some gardens need various nutrients in order that their soil becomes able to support new growth.

  9. Every poem couldn't work in the same way for everyone , I think .We all bring different perceptions to them , different memories and associations .
    Music's the same , I think . As are smells .
    But perhaps it's just me ? I am definitely a reactor rather than a creator/thinker !

  10. Dear Pen,
    that is a very, very interesting question you put here. I think that the poet definitely has a say - at first - but then time takes it out of his hands. A long time ago my husband worked at the Literatur Archiv in Marbach, and there they had a special person who cared about the widows of poets (yes - mostly it were widows, not widowers) - who were not always easy, trying to change contents etc.
    Today I got a poem by mail of Konrad von W├╝rzburg (living from 1225 - 1287) - and here I think only the text can speak for itself. And I am not that much interested if Thomas Mann had a bad hairday - I read his prose, and by doing this I add my experiences and interpretation.
    Stop - this is a theme I could rattle on and on. With violencing the language I beg for your lenient look - communication in a foreign language is not easy (and even if a sentence is correct you might step unintentionally on someones cultural toes) Britta

  11. I would have to say that not all readers (and I include myself in this) are able to "get" what the writer may intend. Doesn't mean they don't get something from a poem. We may also, subconsciously, appreciate a writer's craft without realising just what that may be.

  12. I think you are absolutely right. And I like the photo, it looks good!

  13. I like the photo. It looks like a magical place.

    I don't get a lot of "poetry" but it seems to make a lot of people happy.


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