Friday, 10 September 2010

More Havant

In this morning's sunshine, this was the rear of
St Faith's Church, which featured in my previous post, and whose earliest parts go back to the eleventh century.

The whole area feels old, especially the path where I stood to take the photo, although it was not my 'time out of time' spot.  That lies further to the right, and would not have given such a picture postcard view of the scene had I stood on it.

There is no connection between this illustration and the lines I'm inserting next - I simply thought it was a pretty picture to share with you.  From here on, I'm going back to the subject of clarity, or not, of much of the writing on offer in Blogland...

Hidden Meanings

Words behind a veil of mist
swirl in vague allusion
as comprehension hides beneath
illusion of intelligence.
What purpose does this serve?
Beyond Confusion's urge
to cloak a poet's dreams
with a secret manifesto, lies
a creed whose images could birth
an undisputed presence
in the world of fact not fiction,
were they but given clarity of truth.


  1. What a lovely photograph! And as for "Hidden Meanings," interesting commentary, well said. I must say I haven't run across a "veil of mist" blog--but perhaps that's because the blogs of the Fridge Soup gang, as well as Milly's lovely Drawings from Nature," Leslie Land's wonderful kitchen and garden blog, Charlie Parker's terrific "lines and colors," and though now dormant, Megan Barron's lovely, whimsical "wrack line" are the blogs where I choose to spend my time. Lucky escape, I guess!

  2. Love them both.

    really enjoy the poem :)

  3. the poem and the picture are both lovely. I do wish our country (U.S) did not destroy so many of it's older buildings so quickly.

  4. I guess most poetry is inspired by something deeply personal to the poet, as is the case with most artistic/expressive media. For me, if art isn't explicit and unambiguous, the joy (where there is joy) is in the interpretation.

    Nice shot of St Faith's. You've caught it just right.

  5. Hope you didn't feel old as you took the photo Jinksy -we oldies have to fight against that even if it means acting silly! I have missed you this week - hope all is well with you.

  6. Raining Acorns. Do you really mean you've never landed on a blogpoem that wasn't actually self-regarding, self-pitying pretentious crap cut up into lines that don't go all the way across the page so that it looks like poetry even if it doesn't sound like poetry?

  7. Mrs Trellis -
    Hello! You seem to be a lady after my own heart - I can't wait to visit you at home! In fact, I'm off there right now..

  8. Hello Jinksy...
    You had asked for the pattern for the pineapple afghan...I can't post the pattern online because of copyright issues, but I can tell you there are a whole lot of free patterns out there online for the pineapple pattern...just do a Google search.

    Sorry, but I'm a stickler when it comes to copyrights. Wish I could post the pattern.

  9. Mrs Trellis' comment is very funny.

    I like old, old church grave yards.

  10. You really have a great eye for composition!
    I like the spikes in the foreground shade. ;-)

  11. And so say all of us, if not quite as neatly as you :-)

  12. Lovely photo and your poem is much more cleverer than what I could write.

  13. Faith's Church looks lovely and obviously there must be some kind of connection with your very clever poem...... otherwise you wouldn't have chosen it.
    I think that walking round a church yard starts you thinking deeply.......
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  14. Mrs. Trellis, I laughed out loud at your comment. I have, indeed, been lucky so far--but it seems likely, given what you say, that I will be unlucky at some point. When that happens, I will know to come straight back to jinksy's poem and photograph!

  15. hey, Jinksy, well-done!
    I have just spent some time going through a veil of mist, well, a valley of tears, really, of rage and disgust.

    And that Mrs. Trellis, I MUST go and see her too. I hope I won't be disappointed. After all, we all think our own efforts are worthy of the highest admiration.

  16. Friko - I never think my efforts are worthy of anything much, except maybe a passing chuckle or a spot of deep thinking now and then...
    Having met Mrs T in blogland this morning, I'm certain you won't be disappointed.

  17. Great photographs and wonderful poem!
    It's my first visit and I'm really enjoying your blog.
    I'm now one of your "Followers". :)


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