Thursday, 26 May 2011

More Togetherness

It being Thursday, over on my Alias Jinksy blog, there is another combined poem-and-pic from Elizabeth and I, but deep in Blogland other things are stirring!

So I decided to have another, triple combination  for today on Napple Notes, for Juliet and Susannah have both written words which fit a picture I posted way back... Hope you enjoy the mélange. Juliet , alias Crafty Green Poet, wrote:- 

glow purple with dusk -
an owl hoots.

And  Susannah's poem that I asked to be allowed to copy from her blog 'Out Of My Ocean', has a similar evening overtone. Blogger won't let me link straight to it, but you can get there via the side bar link on her 'Panopticulated' blog.

A Page Turned...

The orange day slips back into the purple night
and all is as it was before,
but not me.

The passing of the hours, the changing hues
have altered something,
I have changed.

Though all appears to be the same
when viewed from the surface,
it is not.


  1. Now that's an interesting forest walk picture Pen. Your poem is too - Dave

  2. The orange day slips back into the purple night...

    I LOVE that!

  3. Somehow your name has slipped down my side bar unobserved over the last few days Jinksy. Suddenly, in the middle of the night, I thought about you and realised that I hadn't had contact for a few days, so have just come on specially to find you, and there you are - only three days away!

    Bloggie friendships are funny things but really we all get quite close in an odd kind of way don't we? So good morning - keep writing - would miss you terribly. Love

  4. a lovely collaboration! I enjoyed taking part!

  5. Love the image, love the poems. Thanks for directing me this way!


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