Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Picture Me?

No, don't strain your heads trying to imagine a jinksy look alike! Think more "Picture by ...???, words by...???" Collaboration is the name of the game, and today over here  you can see where this idea is leading, as Elizabeth Crawford has supplied a picture, and jinksy has written a poem.

The comments people left after my imaginary Sepia Scene on Sunday, show that imagination is alive an well amongst you all - especially people like Maggie, who saw a dog in the sky, or Little Nell (a porker), or Broken Biro ( a flock of starlings)  while other options took me on a tour of the world.

Then I sent a different picture to Crafty Green Poet, and Juliet emailed me like so:-

"Hi Pen
I just wrote this, forgive the rabbit, they tend to creep into everything...

Without my glasses, colours blur
like patterns in rain-washed windows:
hills of orange and skies of pink
and a lakeside view in violet.
Watching it all, a rabbit floats
high in the clouds with ears of yellow
that stretch across the sky.

best wishes and thanks for thinking of me with this!

And talking about the same picture, Elizabeth said:-

"From the soft pastels of babyhood, to the deep purple of personal power, all underlined by the dark red of banked creative fire. I think we agree!"

Suddenly I feel as though I am in at the start of something big...


  1. You are definitely at the start of something great!

  2. I can visualize everything...including the rabbit!

  3. I can see three souls, stuck behind their computers. They may well be in heaven.

  4. This is really cool! I can't wait to see where this goes.

  5. Jinksy, I can totally see the rabbit,very interesting to try and picture something else. Lots of fun :-)

  6. I like the colours in the new picture on this blog Pen, but I think I prefer a picture that looks like something, rather than just a pattern - Dave

  7. I htink you may be Jinksy, I think you may be!

  8. I love how you open our minds to the possible!


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