Thursday, 30 June 2011

Here Be Dragons!

Thoughts glitter,
dance across the mind,
leaving trails
like comets
to mark the passage of flight
from obscurity to light.

And here's a late edition here for Thursday Think Tank, which had 'Freedom' as its subject. Blogger effectively stopped me from doing anything for most of yesterday, and writing became a problem. You will maybe see the connection with my first part of this two layer post...

Freedom: a mind set,
rather than a concrete fact.
Thoughts roam where they will.

Build no walls,
and create no barriers
within mind.
Let it go,
exploring where it chooses
in search of new horizons.

All doors will open
as the key of wisdom turns,
unlocking secrets.

If you click on the Two in Tandem logo in the side bar, eventually, with luck, you'll be able to see other people's ideas of what my glittery graphic suggested to them!


  1. Oooh, I love the thought of glittery thoughts leaving trails like comets! Nice one Jinksy. :-)

  2. J . . just to let you know that Blogger seems to receive my comments gratefully. Hope yours is OK now.

  3. Penny - I love this imagery and the marriage of your clever words and visual art. The picture reminds me of infinity ...

  4. Must tell Ada! She has a soft spot for dragons... Perhaps I could persuade her to visit that Two In Tandem place...

  5. This is really sad! I've resorted to leaving a comment on my own post, simply because I've not been able to leave comments ANYWHERE for hours, today! This is a celebratory, nothing to say, HURRAH! from me to me... And big BOO to Blogger for messing with my head.

  6. Love the idea of "glittering" thoughts. I think I see that in my 3 year old often. When DO we loose that look? :)

  7. I'm due a few glittery thoughts. Hang on...I think I've just had one!

  8. Jinksy ... don't , whatever you do , leave a tick in that Keep me signed in box on the Google sign in page . Blogger doesn't hold with it for some reason and won't let you comment !
    I like the idea of dragons being sinuous and glittery . I've always thought of them smelling like yesterday's barbecue .
    Your idea is much nicer .

  9. S & S - I've never barbecued a dragon...

  10. Very poetical Pen, and your artwork is very attractive - Dave

  11. I agree with you - it has nothing to do with a flag

  12. Commenting on your 2nd poem -

    I love "Freedom: a mind set,
    rather than a concrete fact."

    So true! Wise and wonderful words Jinksy. :-)

  13. Leave it to you, in just the space of a blog post, you've managed to come up with not one, not two, but THREE gorgeous odes to creativity. An inspiration for my day to come for sure!

  14. That graphic is bright, bold, beautiful. And your explanation of freedom. so internal, is spot on.

  15. "Here be dragons..."

    Where have I heard that before? It seems to me it is a bit of song lyric, but I can't place it.

  16. Beautiful,like the gems of thoughts and words that you used in your poem! So expressive and lyrical~
    Well Done!

  17. Love the message and I love the art work. Fabulous. : )

  18. you take my breath away.
    love the art.
    superb imagery.

  19. Lovely graphic, lovely words!

  20. Love the color splash that the mind carries.... I too have been lost in Blogger swampland... sinking into nothing happensness!

  21. Jinksy you have created a good combination here - image and words. I'm sorry about your blogger problems - Come over to Wordpress, as so many others have done. It makes life so much easier!

  22. 2 really good poems. i was really drawn to the first one. :)


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