Saturday, 3 December 2011

Cream Anyone?
Stephen Hayes asked for a recipe for Clotted Cream to go with the scones I showed in the previous post.  So here's one that I'm sure will work, as I once watched, and sampled, cream being made in the same way.

Cornish Clotted Cream Recipe:

To make this you need full cream jersey or a similar milk. The quantity can vary to suit the size basin one uses, with a minimum of 1 litre or 2 pints to make it worthwhile. Pour milk into a basin and leave in a cool place (not freezer) for at least 8 hours until the cream has risen to the top. Then put the basin carefully over a saucepan of boiling water - not letting any water get into the milk. A pudding basin will rest on the rim of the right sized saucepan. Let the water simmer on a slow boil until the cream begins to show a raised ring around the edge and the surface begins to bubble. When sufficiently cooked in about 3/4 - 1 hour take off heat - lift basin carefully and place in a cool place. Skim cream gently off the surface into a dish and enjoy it!

This cream recipe was found here and I've added a recap photo of the scones that rhyme with 'gone ' as Doctor FTSE so kindly explained with this verse:-
"I asked the maid in friendly tone
to order me a buttered scone.
The foolish girl has been and gone
and ordered me a buttered scone."  

 I'll email the scone recipe to anyone who asks...and that's still 'scone' as per 'gone', if you're wondering...

And for some glorious sights that were to be found outdoors this week, I suggest you pop HERE  for a Susannah's eye view of her world!


  1. But where's the recipe for the scones, rhyming with either tone or gone?

  2. Carolina- recipes have been emailed to individuals, as requested!♥

  3. Get thee behind me Jinksy - I have just bought new jeans which I have to be levered into!!

  4. Ah, clotted cream. So ambrosially bad for one! (But isn't it so often the way?)

  5. scone (gone) is the only way i'd know how to pronounce... and may i say that scones with strawberry jam and cream is my absolute favourite teatime treat!

  6. You would think that with all of the cattle roaming in Oklahoma, knowing what "full jersey cream" is, would not be a problem. I think it's just a difference in the English/American vernacular. ;^) Now ... off to hunt down some jersey cows.



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