Friday, 16 December 2011

Two Times Fifty Five Is Twice As Nice

Having been talking about cards and Round Robins, I shall continue with a Bah Humbug slant on the Festive Season, especially for Mr Know-it-all's Friday 55 challenge. Except that I have written two co-joined 55's,  hence my post title!

Decorations, trees and cards
greet us on every hand.
I think it’s time we all rebelled
and let sense take a stand.

In olden days, a card was made
by one, to give another.
A special thing, a work of love
to give a dad or mother,
sibling, friend or relative
or possibly a lover.

Now cards are often ‘tit-for-tat’
dispatched with little thought,
‘cept moaning about postage
which costs more than it aught!
And presents? Well, a nightmare!
for costs get out of hand;
children want the ‘latest thing’
to hit the adverts stand.

Here’s to a different Christmas,
where love, not money rules.

Do Have  A  Happy Yule!


  1. most def on that last stanza jinksy....i think a revolution would be a good thing in this hustle bustle of a season

  2. I actually have revolted to some of these practices. We receive few cards anymore. The ones that I get I reply with a personal not after Christmas.

  3. I've cut back a long way on the cards this year and have sent about 12 in total. All to people who have been kind/good/important to me this year. The rest have an email or can read my blog!

  4. Wouldn't that be so lovely. To truly cast off the commercialism and greed of what Christmas has become and simply have it be for what it was originally meant for. Lovely 55!

  5. Here, here! Needs to be said each year, and you do so in a most engaging way, as always.

  6. Simple and heartfelt is best! thanks-

  7. I wholeheartedly agree to that (and what a perfect Christmas tree that is, in the photo).

  8. Your Yule Log was aflame this week Young Lady
    Excellent Holiday Cheer
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  9. Now I really wouldn't mind if someone wants to send me a Visa gift card. What can I say. However, I would much rather have love than the money anytime.

  10. I opted out of the card thing years ago. I send none and no one sends them to me.

  11. Getting to the real spirit of the season becomes trickier and trickier.

    Loved your 55, Jinksy!

  12. So much very good sense in this post. I remember making cards and handing them out. Or, when we picked a card out, we did it with great care. Not like today when you get a box of all one design to send to friends.

  13. Penny, don't get me started!! I agree wholeheartedly with you. I yearn for a more thoughtful, peaceful Christmas season based on love and get togethers and am all for tossing the gift giving ...

  14. Too right. I resent paying over the odds for a bit of printed cardboard and then spending 36p (THIRTY SIX PENCE!!) to post it! When I was a lad 36 pence was seven shillings and tuppence and you could etc etc and have enough left over for a big bag os gob-stoppers on the way home.

    The very worst aspect of Christmas now, though, is the self-congratulatory/hypochondriac depersonalised "round robin" aren't-our-kids-wonderful-Xanthe-just got 184 starred A levels! And we now have an 84" HD Telly with surround-sound. Fall down at our feet and worship, you lesser mortals.

    But don't get me started . . .

  15. You old grump!
    Sadly, I agree with every word. None of that happens in our house.

  16. Yes.... love is more important than anything material.
    Love the cosy picture.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  17. Dear Jinksy,
    yes, it sometimes goes over the top, becomes a feast for salesmen (they open their shops in Berlin even on Sunday in Christmas time), and a big department store chain (electronics) has the audacity to blare over the radio and TV "Christmas is decided under the tree!" - so you know what to battle for :-)

  18. You know my thoughts on the subject - my Christmas decorations so far amount to your two beautiful snowflakes. Thank you :-) Jo

  19. wishing you a very merry Christmas, jinksy, and may 2012 bring you many smiles!
    ♥ dani

  20. But two conjoined isn't 55, it's 110.

    1. Depends on the viewpoint - it's also 55 x 2 ! That's the trouble with numbers... LOL


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