Thursday, 5 January 2012

A Good Yarn?

Is worth its weight in gold...especially if it's this kind of yarn!
The urge to crochet comes upon me with a vengeance at times, to the exclusion of all else, and my pre-Christmas snowflakes whetted my appetite.

I knew I wanted to make a Napple Blanket for my newest grandchild, and, relatively quickly, I'd produced fifteen, eight inch squares to kick start the project. BUT...the sixteenth put a stop to everything. It was made up of the yarns in this photo, and once I saw the colour combination, that was it. Back to the drawing board, in a manner of speaking, to produce a further set of twenty squares, all the same. Tedious to do, but worth it once I finished this at midnight, last night!

 The downside of this escapade, is that I now have fifteen, brightly coloured squares tucked in a plastic bag, all clamouring at me to get stuck in, and make another throw. If I obey the summons, I could be away from Blogland for quite some time...


  1. Lovely baby blanket....but you've been away too long!! missed!

  2. Let's auction off your next blanket. I like sleeping with baby blankets and I don't care WHAT my therapist says!

  3. Oh, Jinksy! That blanket is beautiful!

  4. Very pretty indeed:-) It almost tempts me to take out my crochet hook and set to. I'm sure the parents of your latest little grandchild will be delighted.

  5. So pretty ! And well worth starting again to come up with this .
    Now you've started you probably won't be able to stop .....

  6. I can see why you went back to the starting gate--and the result is stunning!

  7. Make another throw and auction if off to yoru blog-reading minions!!


    Sincerely, the thoroughly chilled fan from Minneapolis,



  8. Beautiful blanket--lucky grandchild! (in more ways than one) Thank you for sharing, Jinksy.

  9. That is perfectly lovely and will be adored.
    You are a fast worker.
    I'm giving my wrists a rest now as the blasted arthritis is making things difficult.
    I get all excited by yarn though and can hardly resist buying more.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  10. That blanket is absolutely gorgeous, Jinksy!

  11. Penny....I know exactly what you mean about crocheting. I love to do it....and have to be in the mood....and when I get started, that's all I want to do.
    Your work is beautiful.
    I love pretty yarn....hard to resist buying it....even when I don't have a project in mind.
    Hugs and love to you, my friend....

  12. Penny, what else can you do?? Is there anything craft or artistic skill you are not good at? I crocheted for a few years back in my teens and produced a generic blue/white and pink blanket that I eventually used for my daughter. There really is something special about having a made-with-love blanket for baby. Nice job Napple!

  13. That's beautiful. I have a good friend who loves to crochet. I always find it's a very meticulous activity and takes a lot of patience - which I haven't got enough of!

    All the best to you for 2012.
    CJ x

  14. I'm glad you followed your instincts there Penny - the blanket is beautiful!

    I'm knitting a sweater at the moment - love these patterns that have them knitted all in one piece - it's hard work gettign the yoke done but once you finish that its all plain sailing ... I've just got another two inches of yoke left to do.

  15. You do lovely crochet work, Jinksy. Lucky Napple baby.

  16. I can tell yarns. I can spin drama. But I can't spin yarn. Nice blanket.

  17. My mother and the church ladies used to crochet afghans for the missionaries. I don't know how much they were appreciated in warmer climes. :)

  18. I am interested to see that you love yarns and crochet. I am a newish but obsessed knitter, also c razy about yarn and color and prone to up all nights on projects. You said on my poetry blog that we are on the same wavelength - here too. I'll be back reading more.


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