Sunday, 29 January 2012


I had planned to continue with more theatrical tales, but as various Blogger hiccups have interrupted my thinking, and my latest post , which I have now returned to DRAFT , a short intermission will now be in force. Watch this space...


  1. Looking forward to what will come...You are always a delight.

  2. I'll be looking for the curtain to go up.

  3. When there used to be intermissions on tele years ago Jinksy, they usually played something like akitten playing with a ball of wool!!

  4. I can sypathize with you. Blogger has been giving me fits for months. It can't save for some particular reason and then freee so I have to cut out of it and lose half my post. And I won't begin to lament the issue of photos.

    for all this, according to our news media, Google has been, and will continue to gather our personal trekking around the Internet, as well preferences for certain webb sits and use said information to spam us with advertising to meet our needs, as if I ever read that stuff anyway.


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