Friday, 15 June 2012

It's Experiment Time!

With two inquiries about the possibility of owning a print of my graphic the other day, I decided this morning to see what kind of a job would make of it, so I've asked for an A3 poster, which will cost me the princely sum of £4.80.
If I managed to save and send my file in an acceptable quality - and so far, they haven't told me it's NBG -I may be able to tell Pearl and Suldog I could indulge their wishes at some future date.

As for me, I think I would quite like to have a print of the 'painting' below, which I did when I first got my Bamboo Tablet.. I'm sure I posted it on some blog, somewhere, but I'm quite happy to have another look at it, and hope you will be too, if you happen to have seen it before.


  1. Your art will be displayed on walls across the world.

  2. So airy and bright. How did you create this?

    1. I used a ‘Bamboo Tablet and pen’ to paint this picture. I guess the tablet, which cost around £200, is the ‘poor relation’ of an Apple iPad, which I imagine would let me do the same thing, if I was rich enough to own one!
      The ArtRage programme which comes with it, lets me choose from an intricate colour palette. There are a range of tools which determine the way in which these colours appear on my computer screen, as I ‘draw’ with the pen – water colour brushes, oil brushes, chalk, ink, felt tip pen, pencil – all options available! It’s computer magic!


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