Saturday, 16 June 2012


At art college, we were always encouraged to 'make the most from the least', and I can't help thinking this is a good thing to do in all kinds of circumstances.  The concept ties in well with 'small is beautiful', too, if you  think about it. Life doesn't have to be one huge, exciting spectacle, to make one feel good to be alive.
Once our focus goes into 'macro mode' - which all photographers will understand instantly - even a humdrum day can present us with delight: the laugh of a child: a bird singing:  a friendly 'Hello'. Each tiny moment, when given its true worth in the scheme of things, becomes magnified.
And when I begin playing with graphic images, the same thing happens.
A photo my son took, using only his mobile phone, has provided rich pickings for my imagination over the past day or two.        
From this incredible image, came a series of creations, which if you scroll upwards on In Tandem from the post I've linked here , you will see how, by applying the 'most from the least' principle, I arrived at the surreal image I entitled 'Oracle'.
I honed in on this detail, for it 'spoke' to me, as you might say, asking to be noticed.
On the left, a wise old bird  sits on a branch outside his tree-house, while a laid back tortoise seeks his advice, in the best traditions of Greek Oracles!
I rest my case.
But talking about wisdom, there's a whole heap of that to be had if you click here In Tandem, thanks to Khalil Gibran.
And I think my post should have been written Thursday, to comply with this!


  1. All my colours are in that top one! love it.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  2. Looking down the walk way is mesmerizing. And, it's two dimensional.

    1. It was actually a photo of flood water in the crypt of Winchester Cathrdral, hence the wonderful reflections of the arches...

  3. From an accident something good comes---art. No flood, no marvelous photograph.

  4. wow, what a wonderful result from the original photo. and your interpretation is even more creative. :-)

  5. I like your thoughts about macro mode.

  6. Macaro mode is my favorite photo mode; in factor I bought +diopters to make it even more interesting. So little time to play....

  7. Your interpretations of photos are always lovely ... and this was a particularly beautiful photo .

  8. It is always a joy to come in and visit...have my cup of tea...and just take it all in


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