Friday, 25 April 2014

Rain Stopped Play

How often has that phrase came over the airwaves of the BBC, to dash the hopes of sports fans? Cricket and tennis have certainly lost out to the wet stuff more than once, but I'm not sure about football. I think those games are allowed to turn into impromptu Mud Baths - aren't they?

Luckily, when the rain woke me at seven this morning with a musical drumming on the flat roof, I had no play time planned - other than a morning workout for my fingers on this keyboard.

Yesterday, I had planned to get ahead of myself, and schedule a post for today.  Camera in hand, I took a couple of shots of rain splattered bluebells, thinking" Those'll be a good place to start!"
Oh, foolish me.
The plan failed dismally, as for reasons best known to Computer Imps or Google Gremlins, the smooth running sequence I was expecting when I tried to download them, never materialised.

It took late evening ministrations from No. 1 son before the photos were safe in a folder where I stood a chance of finding them again! Hehehe!

So here, better late than never, lets 'ring those bells!'


  1. Love those bells! Send your rain here. I'd like to stay out of drought this year........

  2. Believe me, I'd send it willingly, if I could...we've had enough. :-)

  3. I am seeing a number of bluebell pics on Flickr and Blogger, and even bluebonnets from the south. I feel cheated that we do not have either AFAIK.

  4. I'd be sad to live in a place where no bluebell woods were on offer - they are the most magical of sights, for the colour 'zings' against green foliage... My few bulbs out front are but a poor shadow of the 'real thing'.

  5. bluebell heaven...mine are prolific this year and I'm just loving the blueness!!!

  6. I love bluebells. How pretty!


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