Wednesday, 30 April 2014

A Bit Of Daydreaming...

...Doesn't go amiss, sometimes, when the colours outside my windows are nowhere near as idyllic as they appear in this somewhat 'doctored' shade of blue sea and sky.

Yes, I know I went OTT with photoshop, but just get a whiff of that weed in the foreground. Mmmmm!

Almost central on the skyline is the dark grey hump of Langstone Mill, and the part of the harbour wall you can see, forms the boundary of a pub garden -  complete with gaudy sunshades which bloom out of the middle of each sun bleached, wooden table.

It's a popular haunt for tourists on a nice day, and I decided to let a touch of nostalgia for the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer, flow onto my blogpage for all of you to share.

And don't forget the sun screen lotion and your dark glasses if you go searching for the real thing!

And now a Funny Footnote, to finish with...

"When the weed in Langstone Harbour
gives off its pungent smell,
I know God's in his Heaven
and all the world is well!"


  1. A little dreamy creativity is A-OK.

    1. It certainly keeps me out of mischief. :-)

  2. Just because I'm like I am, I did a Google Search for Langstone Harbour. Although I didn't find any information on "the weed," I did discover lots of fascinating tidbits of info re: wildlife and the history of the place. You live in an interesting area.

  3. It is, it is! And because the harbour is mud, not sand or stones, the waders and other water birds love it, and there are always ‘twitchers’ galore who stick posters about their latest sightings on the garden fence alongside the Mill.
    It’s not seaweed, exactly, but a sludgy mix of the grassy type things that grow along the shoreline, I think, and the smell as it dries in the sun, is something else again!
    I’ve walked many a mile along that shore since I moved here...

  4. Thanks for commenting on my blog. And yes, I do crochet, not knit. But to someone who doesn't do either, it doesn't make any difference. LOL! Thanks for your kind words about my work. I enjoy doing it and even more, I enjoy having other people enjoy having it as a gift. I seldom sell a piece. I much prefer gifting it on to someone that will cherish it. One of the few joys left in life when you reach my age. I enjoyed your blog, and am adding it to my reading list. Thanks again for stopping by.

    1. Aah, but here ,m'dear, you are speaking to somebody well versed in the art of both needles and hooks. I too, give stuff away, for the pleasure of making is payment enough! LOL


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